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How to Send GIFs on Lipsi: Express with actions!

Lipsi is the best app for communicating anonymously. When you want to express your thoughts or feelings to someone without wanting to reveal your identity, the app certainly has got your back! But what if you’re at a loss for words? Don’t worry, still get your point across through Lipsi with GIFs! Send a GIF […]

How to Make GIFs with GIF Maker by Momento – Animate a moment!

When words can’t perfectly deliver a joke, we turn to good old reliable GIFs. Turn everyday moments into witty GIFs with GIF Maker app by Momento and fill them up with a bunch of cool captions, stickers and many more! Have the perfect GIF for every occasion. Make your own with GIF Maker by Momento! […]

How to Share Locations on Google Maps – Google Maps Platform

Sometimes texting “on my way” isn’t enough. There are times when people need constant updates on where you are en route…but you’re too busy driving or you got your hands full. With Google Maps, you can let them know exactly where you are and even share the precise directions to your destination! Update your friends […]

How to Use Goodreads: Book Reviews – Meet your next favorite book!

Do you have an unending love for books? Then Goodreads: Book Reviews app is definitely a must-have for you! From personalized shelves to stimulating group discussions, the app satisfies every book lover’s needs and more! Spoilers are not even a problem – you get informed ahead of time for potential spoilers among the reviews. Join […]

How to Use Duolingo – Learn languages for free!

Are you an aspiring polyglot? Then Duolingo is the app for you! From Swahili to Klingon, the app features over 81 different language courses, all designed as fun game-type tests! You even get to choose the courses’ difficulty, and build communities with members interested in the same languages as you are. Get Duolingo now and […]

How to Use Explore on Google Maps – Google Maps Platform

You never know if you’ve totally explored your city. Businesses, stores, restaurants, and other hidden gems might be in your neighborhood just waiting to be discovered! Expand your horizons with Google Maps’ Explore feature! Know the best places near you and experience your city like never before! Download Google Maps – Transit & Food Developed […]

How to Use TikTok QR Code – Scan Away!

A lot of SNS apps support QR codes now, and TikTok is one of them! You can use them to find friends across the app and even share videos on your profile easily. With your unique code, all you have to do is scan away and let the code it do its magic! Find and […]

How to Add a Poll on your Instagram Story – Shall We Vote?

Not sure on which outfit you want to wear for Valentine’s Day? Or are you wondering how many people have Game of Thrones as their favorite series of all time? Take up your queries to Instagram Stories by creating a poll! Ask questions and get answers immediately! Use a poll now and make your Stories […]

How to Use Commute on Google Maps – Google Maps Platform

Do you often use public transportation? Then you must be familiar with the hassles of rush hours or sudden onset of traffic. With Google Maps’ Commute feature, you can improve your public transport experience by a mile – both figuratively and literally! Discover alternate routes, know the real-time traffic flow, and many more! Download Google […]