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How to Add Music to Your Instagram Stories: Make Stories Fun!

The recent update on Instagram lets users add music to their Instagram stories. You can now see the Music option under the record button and post Stories with your latest favorite jams. Unfortunately, some users still do not have this option even after updating the app. If you’re one of them, get rid of that […]

How to Create an Account on Spotify – Listen to music you love!

Music feeds the soul. Nowadays, there are a variety of ways for you to access music. One of these is through online streaming. Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps, and it can give you access to millions of songs! Here are the steps to creating a Spotify Account and listening to […]

How to Get More Followers on Instagram with 1000 Followers

Just had the best slice of cake in the world or the best time with your favorite pet? No better social media to share it on than Instagram! Especially when business is involved, you have to be where the customers are! You can never resist likes and comments from your followers. But if you have […]

How to Create Your Own Instagram Highlight Cover

With the ever endless proposals of new ideas, the updates in Instagram keep on encouraging users around the world to make their accounts as eye catching as possible. With all the things users can do with Instagram, from being able to edit your photos, to making Instagram Stories, it’s undeniably a successful social media app! […]

How to Use Bitmoji Keyboard: Bring the Fun Everywhere!

Are you tired of having to go to the Bitmoji app to send an emoji from there? Do you just want to do it directly in your messenger or other compatible applications? Have no fear! We have a solution for you. [adrotate banner=”8″] What is Bitmoji keyboard Bitmoji keyboard is an extension of the Bitmoji […]

How to Use Bitmoji app: Making, Sending, Your Personal Emoji

Emoticons are fun to use when expressing your feelings without words. Some even send emoticons instead of phrases, making you guess what they mean! But now, plain, old emojis can sometimes feel boring. What you want is an upgrade; something new and extra creative. Don’t pout! There is something that you need to try: Bitmoji! […]