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How to Use Navigation on Google Maps – Google Maps Platform

Do you have trouble navigating while traveling? Or do you get more wrong turns than not, even when using a map? Worry no more! With Google Maps’ Navigation feature, all you have to do is drive and listen to its easy turn-by-turn guide! Travel safe and hassle-free! Download Google Maps – Transit & Food Developed […]

How to Edit Your Lipsi Link Page: Make a good first impression!

Sometimes, it can be difficult for others to get to know you better. But with Lipsi, it will be so much easier for them to reach out to you anonymously! All they have to do is click your Lipsi link on your SNS accounts. And since first impressions count, make a good one by customizing […]

Recommended Travel Apps – Travel Smart!

Every traveler’s dream is to have a smooth, organized, and fun trip. This is why the planning stage is the most crucial part of every travel, especially if you’re working around a limited budget. Experienced travelers know how to do this well, and a newbie like you too! Nowadays, there are available apps dedicated to […]

How to Post a GIF on Twitter: Tweet that GIF!

There are times when words are just not enough to express what you really feel. Even Tweeting photos or videos just don’t make the cut! Let your Twitter followers relate to you with GIFs instead! Tweet a GIF Had a very productive day? Excited for something? Find the perfect GIF and Tweet away! 1. Press […]

How to Create a Thread on Twitter: Tweet your Story!

Do you have a funny story that you want to share on Twitter but 280 characters are still just not enough? Create a Twitter thread and let your followers read your story chronologically! Don’t get lost in your Twitter story by following these steps: Create a Twitter Thread Tell a story or compile tweets of […]

How to Mass Delete Tweets on Twitter: Clean it up!

Are you in dire need of a Twitter cleanup? It’d be such a hassle if you have to go through your past tweets one by one! Start anew on Twitter by mass deleting your old or even new tweets. Try out the DeleteTweets app! Download: DeleteTweets DeleteTweets Developed by : CrossBridge Delete Your Tweets Can’t […]

How to Repost Instagram Stories – Share the Best Moments!

From sharing personal moments to promoting businesses, Instagram consistently finds ways to provide its users the best online experience. Now, your friends can tag you in their Instagram Stories and you can repost them as your own too! Share memories and spread the word by reposting Instagram Stories. Repost an Instagram Story Surely, your friends […]

How to Download and Save Instagram Stories: Collect Each Moment!

Instagram Stories take documentation to a whole new level. With so much content to watch, it’s no wonder they’re so addictive! You stay updated on your friends’ lives and you get the chance to catch a glimpse of people’s personal thoughts and experiences… all within 24 hours! So before they disappear, make sure you save […]

How to Use Twitter Live – Livestream Your Tweets!

Feeling more creative with your Tweets? Try Twitter Live! You can Tweet in real-time via video broadcast and watch your followers comment and react live! Using this feature also means your video gets posted on Periscope, which gives you an even wider audience reach! Go on and start broadcasting your Tweets now! Create Your Live […]