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How to Use Google Maps- Google Maps Platform

The world is a big place, and sometimes getting around it can be tricky. With so many new places, roads, and cities popping up over the years, it’s easy for you to get lost. So figure out the world around you with Google Maps! With this app, you’ll find yourself going around unfamiliar places like […]

How to use Monkey App: Go bananas with video chat!

Do you want to meet and have fun conversations with other teens and millennials? Monkey is the perfect app for you! Monkey is a random video-chatting app designed for the younger generation. Instantly make friends from all over the world with Monkey! Download Monkey Developed by : Monkey Squad, Inc. Start Video Chatting! Get to […]

How to Use Messenger QR Code: Easy Access!

SNS truly helps you stay connected with your friends and loved ones. They can simply search for your name and you can start a conversation, regardless of time and distance. To make things even easier, Messenger gives you QR codes! Save some extra time and find people on Messenger just by scanning. Scan, discover, and […]

How to Save TikTok Videos: Keep it for later!

Do you have favorite TikToks that you just can’t stop watching over and over again? Well you can play them on repeat by saving them on your phone. Download TikToks to your media library and watch them even without an Internet connection! Save a TikTok As soon as you launch the app, look for your […]

How to Share TikTok Videos on SNS: Spread the joy!

You must enjoy TikTok as much as everyone else. Share the fun with your friends! Launch the app, scrool through the endlessly entertaining TikToks, find your favorites, and share them on SNS! Share TikTok on Snapchat Shake things up in the Snapchat community by sharing some TikTok videos! Tap the Share button. Choose “Snapchat”. Allow […]

How to Share TikTok Videos as GIFS: Keep it Moving!

Who doesn’t love short TikTok videos? You definitely would want to share any entertaining clips with your friends. But what if their Internet connection or mobile data isn’t fast enough and they can’t watch them? Share TikTok videos as GIFs instead! Share TikTok as GIF You’d be surprised at how simple this feature is! As […]

How to Use Street View on Google Maps – Google Maps Platform

Ever wanted to visit different places without going anywhere? Now you can! With the Street View feature on the Google Maps app, you can step inside monuments and view natural attractions even if they’re halfway across the globe. Take delight in its interactive panoramas as you go around the world with just your phone! Download […]

How to Use Crunchyroll App- Stream Your Favorite Anime!

If you’re a fan of anime, then you’ve definitely experienced moments where you have to wait for a long time for the episode to air on TV. But with the Crunchyroll app, you won’t have to wait! Have fun watching your favorite episodes back-to-back in the comfort of your mobile device! Download Crunchyroll Developed by […]

How to Add a Profile Video on Facebook- Make It Dynamic!

Profile pictures define your image on social media. In fact, it’s the first thing people look at when they go to your profile. And while having a profile photo can be nice, you can make it look even better. Time to make your Facebook profile look more animated with a profile video! Create Your Profile […]

How to Use “Plastic Face” Filter on Instagram – Gleam, Shine, and Glow

It’s undeniable that Instagram has super cool filters that you may use for your photos and videos. To make it even cooler, Instagram user Johanna Jaskowska created “plastic face” filters that can make you look shiny and gleaming… in an aesthetically pleasing way! Take neat selfies with these free “plastic face” filters and post awesome […]