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How to Create a Photo Collage with Collageable App: Trendy Templates!

There must be a lot of special memories in your media library with all the wonderful photos you have saved. Make your memories even more special by combining your photos into a collage with the Collageable app! Just choose the best layout and then insert your photos to create one neat image. Have fun with […]

How to Add Questions on your Instagram Story: Ask Away!

Want your friends’ thoughts on an outfit? Perhaps you’re wondering if they’ve seen anything good playing in theaters. If you need a quick opinion on something, you can now run a Q&A through Instagram Stories! Add a question sticker to your story and your viewers can easily respond by typing an answer! Ask a Question! […]

How to Mute Words on Twitter: Control your Content!

Spoilers for your favorite TV show? Overly dramatic fans? Some Tweets might have content you’d like to avoid. Twitter gives you the option to remove these Tweets from your timeline by muting specific words and phrases. Keep your Twitter feed clean with this neat feature! Mute Words Tweets containing your muted words won’t appear in […]

How to Customize your Twitter Home: Tweets you wanna see!

Some Twitter users like to view the most popular Tweets when they launch the app. Others prefer to see what’s new as soon as they happen. What kind of Twitter experience do you like better? With a recent update, Twitter now lets you toggle between the latest and top Tweets! Organize Tweets Now you won’t […]

How to Use Friendship Profile on Snapchat: Keep Them Close!

You thought Snapchat couldn’t get any more fun? Well, now they’ve updated with the Friendship Profile to upgrade your multimedia messaging experience! Meet up with your friends with the Snap Map and find all the pictures you’ve saved in your Chat with them. Stay connected with your friends like never before with this new update! […]

How to Use Lure App – Read chat fiction!

Do you love reading but you don’t really have enough time to finish long stories? Try out chat and text stories and read like you’re just chatting with the characters themselves! Install the Lure app and spend your short breaks waiting for characters’ replies! Download Lure – Read Chat Fiction  Developed by: RepresentLY, LLC Get […]

How to Use Yarn App – Chat & text stories

Have you ever wondered about the stories told in text messages? It’s a cool way to get to know real people like they’re just characters in a book, right? You don’t have to read private messages to read chat and text stories though. All you need to do is install the Yarn app on your […]

How to Report a Facebook Post – Safe Social Media Space!

Browsing through Facebook is probably your favorite past-time. You just want to catch up with your friends’ life updates and find out the current trends. It’s the perfect platform for sharing and receiving positive news! So if you find posts that stress you out instead of helping you relax in your free time, report that […]

How to Add a Temporary Profile Photo on Facebook – Not for long!

Do you need to change your Facebook profile photo for an event or an announcement? Or do you have a cool vacation photo but you just don’t feel like using it for a long time? Make use of Facebook’s Temporary Profile Photo feature! Add a Temporary Profile Photo Display a new Facebook profile photo temporarily! […]

How to Add an Emoji Slider to Your Instagram Story- Rate that Photo!

Have you ever had a photo so nice you’d want others to react to it as well? Well now Instagram has the perfect sticker for you to do so! With the Emoji Slider, you can have your followers rate how much they like your Instagram Story!   Add a Rate Question Have your followers rank […]