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How to Delete Multiple Photos and Post on Instagram for iPhone

Have you found another inspiration for your Instagram feed? If your current “design” or “pattern” in Instagram is so last year and you’re ready to redo your feed, you need to delete several posts at once. You may even want to delete everything! If you’re so excited to have a completely new canvass (a.k.a. empty […]

How to Delete Instagram Posts: Keeping Your #FeedGoals

Sure, it’s very exciting to post photos or videos and have your followers show you some love. Instagram was made to let you share your life through photos and videos. But after some time, Instagram has turned into another platform of “aesthetics”. Users have come up with the #FeedGoals and aimed for profiles that would […]

What Is Instagram Blue Tick? Can I get? I Want One!

Ever explored Instagram and found users who have that blue and white badge beside their names? You may have noticed one and just did not mind it, but then you saw another one. So you wonder… “What is this thing on their profiles?!” Sometimes, when you search for a certain user in Instagram, you will […]