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How to Use the Check In Feature on Facebook- Check this place out!

Are you the type who enjoys traveling a lot? Then let other people know of all the amazing places you’ve gone to with Facebook’s Check In! With this feature, you get to share your experiences in different locations. It’s just like a travel blog, but with less words! Check In with Facebook Let others know […]

How to Use the Recommended Feature on Facebook- Suggest Something!

Want to know a good place to hang out with your friends? Or how about a family-friendly restaurant for reunions? If you’re looking for some suggestions on things similar to these, then try out Facebook’s Recommended feature! Ask for Recommendations Don’t know where to have a nail appointment? Use the Recommended feature on Facebook to […]

How to Create a Facebook Page- Connect to A Wider Audience!

Whether you have a business or you’re just the type to want to express yourself to the public, creating a Facebook Page is the right way to go! It’s one of the fastest ways to get people interested in what you do. You also get to interact immediately with your audience. Time for you to […]

How to Create a Group on Facebook- Come Together!

Are you the type of person that just loves to be around people who have the same tastes as you? Well now you can interact with like-minded individuals online. How? By creating a group on Facebook of course! Create a Group When people have similar interests, they most often come together to talk about them. […]

How to Create Events on Facebook- Plan for the occasion!

Everybody loves parties, but sometimes the act of planning one can be a hassle. Especially when you’re having a hard time sending out invitations to other people! But thanks to social media, creating events has become way easier. Plan your events without breaking a sweat on Facebook! Make the Event Time bring out the party […]

How to Create Facebook Story Highlights- Savor the Moments!

Facebook’s Story feature lets you show your day-to-day experiences online. But sometimes, twenty-four hours isn’t enough to display your photos and videos. Gather all of your favorite Facebook Stories and create a Story Highlight to make your memories unforgettable!   Compile Your Stories Recall your fondest experiences by creating a Story Highlight! No need for […]

How to Use Fitbit- Let’s Get Fit!

Do you feel like today is the right time to lose all the extra weight you’ve been gaining these past few months? Then it’s time to push yourself into doing some fitness. Count your steps and monitor you calories with Fitbit and you’ll become a strong and fit person in no time! Download Fitbit Developed […]

Recommended Weather Apps- Check the Weather!

The conditions of the weather will always affect how you go about your day. Planning on going out for a walk? The winds don’t seem to agree with your schedule. Thinking about wearing that new summer outfit you bought? It might rain for the next few weeks. Whether you like it or not, you should […]

Recommended Astrology Apps- Connect with the Cosmos!

For thousands of years, people have looked up at the sky in an effort to understand the secrets of the universe. They use the position of the stars and planets to explain their past and determine their future. But if you’re a budding astrologer, it can be difficult to make sense of it all when […]

How to Play Big Fish on Facebook Messenger- It’s Sink or Swim!

Imagine being able to earn in-game coins just by breeding fish! Facebook Messenger’s Big Fish is a relaxing and charming game that lets you create and race weird-looking fish. No need to get your feet wet for this game! Fish for the Money Become a fish tycoon by playing Big Fish! Play the game by […]