Puzzles are a classic game. People can actually relax just by solving them! If you’re an avid puzzle fan, you’ve got to have a high quality puzzle game app in your phone. What more do you need than original puzzles that make your brain work even when you’re stressed? Jigsaw Puzzle is definitely the one you want!

Install Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle has over 20,000 puzzles for all levels of learners. The app lets you choose your own level and you’ll never lose your progress records! Assemble puzzles in the original Jigsaw Puzzle app!

Download Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle

Piece them all together!

Calm your mind and invite focus! Get ready to assemble puzzle pieces. Caution: It won’t be that easy, but it would be definitely fun!

  1. Open a puzzle pack.

  1. Select the puzzle that you want to solve.

  1. Adjust the number of puzzle pieces.

  • Adjust the difficulty by dragging the slider to the left or right.

  • You may also press the “+” and “-” buttons.


  1. Hit “Play”.

  1. Start assembling!  

  • Pro tip: Start with the edge pieces!
  • You’re halfway done!

  • You have solved the puzzle!

Share your Victory!

Be proud of your puzzle victory! Tell your friends that you’ve assembled a puzzle in your Jigsaw Puzzle game app. They might want to try it, too!

  1. Press “Share”.

  1. Select “Facebook”.

  • You can also save the image and share through SMS or Email. Press the “More” button to show other SNS options.
  1. Tap “Continue” to proceed.

  1. Write a caption and hit “Post”.


  • You have shared your puzzle victory on Facebook!

Explore the Jigsaw jungle!

Get the full Jigsaw Puzzle experience! Find your way around the app.


Open the app settings if you want to adjust the music, the backgrounds, and other game proper settings.



Credits display your current monetary status. If you visit the store once in a while, you can easily check if you can afford a bundle!



Wanna take on a particular puzzle design? Go to the Search tab.



Look for both Free and For Sale puzzles in the Jigsaw store. Watch out for discounts and sale!


Avail Puzzles

Of course, you can’t resist it! Find the best-looking puzzle design to download!  


Get Backgrounds

Select a background when you’re solving the puzzle. Download the ones that look relaxing for the eyes!


My Gallery

Jigsaw Puzzle saves your every victory! Just get to your gallery and view your accomplished puzzles, objectives, and the leaderboard.

Take a look at the puzzles you have completed! Feel satisfied with your feats!


Review the objectives you have achieved! Challenge yourself with puzzles daily and level up!


Know who is leading in the competition!


Game Options

Make the most out of Jigsaw Puzzle experience! Check out this heads-up on the options you can use while playing! Tap the pop-up button to show essential game options.

  • Home: Press the Home button if you want to go back to Jigsaw Puzzle Home page.

  • Change Puzzle Background: Select a puzzle background. Choose whichever makes you enjoy the game better!


  • Pause: Hold on a sec! Need to take a break? Pause the ticking of the clock and get back to the game whenever you’re ready! Make sure you accurately measure your speed…

  • Show Guide: Tap the eye icon to show the original image as your guide.


  • Hide Puzzle Pieces: Avoid the clutter! Hide some of the puzzle pieces away. Tap it again to show them.  


  • Lock the screen: You won’t be able to scroll through the screen but you can still move the puzzle pieces! What a way to focus on the game, right?

  • Scatter Puzzle Pieces: Refresh your view! Scatter the puzzle pieces to figure out the missing ones.

  • Hint: Instant magic! Know where to put the missing piece.


Pick up the pieces!

Jigsaw Puzzle has got everything that your puzzle-lover self needs! Convenient, free, and fun? Sounds like the puzzle experience in this app! Go ahead and relax for hours with Jigsaw Puzzle. Pick up the puzzle pieces and complete as many as you can!