Do you love playing platform games with your friends? Then challenge them online with Jumpy Jumpy-Helix Ball on Facebook Messenger! Jump off some platforms and get the highest score among your friends!

Play the Game!

It’s time to jump off platforms…as a bouncy ball of course! Start playing the game by following the steps below:

1. Open a conversation.

  • You can also open the game in the Discover tab.

2. Tap the Options button.

3. Select “Games”.

4. Tap “Jumpy Jumpy – Helix Ball”.

  • Can’t find the game? Use the search box to locate it.

5. Hit “Play Game”.

6. Get through each platform by swiping on the screen!

  • Don’t hit the green area!

7. Want to continue your winning streak? Hit “CONTINUE” to watch a video.

  • You have played Jumpy Jumpy-Helix Ball!

  • You can challenge your other friends by tapping “PLAY FRIENDLY”.

Bounce Your Way to Victory!

While you can always play solo, getting the highest score among your friends is the biggest win of them all! Control the ball as it falls through the platforms, and make sure not to land on the green area. Success is literally at the tip of your fingers!