Do you love playing arcade games? App Store has something for you! Enjoy your portable arcade by simply downloading Scale to your phone. Scale is a puzzle game app for those who seek thrill in every move. It is certainly not for the faint-hearted! Scale has imagined what you can do with a slicer, a ball, and a board. You’re probably dying to know how, right? Get to know Scale, your new arcade puzzle game app…

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Good Job Games has a seeming addiction with slicers. After Slices, they’ve come back with another brain teaser—Scale. Their new puzzle game app has unique game mechanics that will surely make you love it. You just have to scale the board without hitting the game ball. Sounds easy? Try it out!

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Developed by : Good Job Games

Scale the Board

Put your game face on! Finish a game level by taking control of your slicers to scale the board!

  1. Tap  to open Scale.
  2. Press the Play button.

  1. Drag the slicer anywhere on the board.


  • Beware of the ball!
  • You have sliced the board!

  1. Tap the slicer to change its direction.


  • If the slicer doesn’t have arrows around it, you can’t rotate it.

  1. Continue slicing the board until you reach the next level.

  • If you think that you might hit the ball because the board is too small, slice the board in a flash for just 100 diamonds. Tap the Flash icon to increase the speed of your slicer.


  • Change your slicer for 50 diamonds.


  • The prices increase after the first time you make use of the Flash and Change options.

Ooops! You hit the ball…

  1. Hit the “Play” button to restart the game.

Explore Scale!

Prizes, game modes, and options. Check out these other features that make Scale so popular!

Levels and Gifts

Oversee the score you need to surpass to hit a new best score! Continue playing until you reach Level 15!

You are playing the Classic Scale with 140 diamonds!

Receive more diamonds by tapping the gift icon. All you have to do is watch ads to earn more diamonds!


Open Modes to discover more game designs!

You can unlock modes if you’ve surpassed specific levels.


Select a mode to try it out!



Tell your friends about this unique puzzle game app and play altogether! Find out how far can they scale!

  1. Hit “Share”.

  1. Select “Twitter”.

  • You may also choose other SNS compatible with this app.
  1. Choose a hashtag and hit “Tweet”!


  • You have tweeted about Scale!

Balls and Slicers

Keep scaling to unlock more balls and slicers! Go to “Balls” and scroll through the choices.


No Ads

Open the No Ads icon to view packages. Get a no-ad experience on Scale for as much as $1.99.


  • Diamond packages already include the no-ad promo!


Keep track of your Scale accomplishments on HiScore!



Turn on or off the music, vibration, and notification in Settings!


Watch out for the ball!

Scale is certainly for those who like taking risks. Imagine dragging a slicer with the possibility of hitting the ball! Scary, isn’t it? Well, just keep practicing and you’ll surely scale the board without any misses. For now, while you’re still a beginner, watch out for the ball!