You can find fun in the simplest way. Toy Blast got your gamer life covered. Enjoy the sight of blasting colors? You can do that here by simply matching cubes!  You’ll also be fond of the fascinating characters and toys! Bring the tip of your finger to countless colorful possibilities in Toy Blast!

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Toy Blast is a popular matching puzzle game. It has thousands of puzzles that millions of users solve every day. You can be as competitive as you can! Reach Level 2,060!

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Toy Blast

Toy Blast
Developed by : Peak Games




Play Toy Blast

Are you ready to embark on a colorful journey? It’s Toy Blast time!

The first time you open Toy Blast, you will see your goals.


  • Your Level 1 goal is to match 10 blue cubes and 4 red cubes in just 13 moves.
  1. Tap two or more matched cubes to blast them.

  1. Collect the remaining cubes to achieve your goal.


Your Toy Blast goals change as you level up! Solve more difficult matching puzzles!

  • Blast tiles of the same color.

  • Get the toys to the ground.

  • Make a match next to a Beach Ball to pop it.

  • Combo Goals! Get the toys to the ground and pop the balls


Yes! You’ve got boosters to help you level up in the fastest and most powerful way possible!

  • Rotor: Blast a column or row using the Rotor Booster.

  • TNT Box: Use the TNT Box to clear its neighbor cubes.

  • Puzzle Cube: Tap the Puzzle Cube to blast every cube of that color.

  • Drill: Remove the cubes by drilling holes through them.

  • Train Booster: Train Booster clears every cube in a row.

  • Combo: Tap two boosters for a massive explosion.



Discover the intricate design of Toy Blast and realize how simple it is to immerse yourself in the game.


In the game world, you can’t avoid running out of moves…Well, Toy Blast gets you more lives! Check your life status and the remaining number of your lives!



Of course, Toy Blast rewards you in every level. You can save up to millions of coins and buy bundles at the Toy Blast store!



Guess what? Toy Blast sends you free lives most of the time. Always check your Inbox!


Star Chest

If you did very well in one level, you’ll gain three stars! And when you’ve collected 20 stars, you can open the star chest and claim your prize!



Watch out for international tournaments and root for your favorite player! You can view top players around the world or those from your country, and of course your friends’ status.


Connect to Facebook

Connect Toy Blast to your Facebook to view your friends’ status.



Open your Settings to adjust the audio, log out from your Facebook account, send lives, and invite friends.


Tap & pop!

That was a colorful blast, wasn’t it? You will certainly see more colors and wonders as you level up! Yes, the puzzles will get harder…But Toy Blast will give you more powerful boosters. Keep tapping and popping! Join the infinite race and be one of the ultimate Toy Blasters!