Trivia games don’t need physical skill or luck. In fact, all you need is your brain! Exercise your ability to recall general information by playing Trivia Crack! This game lets you play with other trivia-loving people from around the world. There are different modes and categories for you to choose from, so don’t hesitate to flex those brain muscles. Become a winner by collecting all of the characters and prove you’re the best!


Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack
Developed by : Etermax

Answer Trivia!

Time to use your grey matter! Answer trivia questions like there’s no tomorrow!

1. Launch the app and hit “Play Now”.

2. Start a new game by selecting language, game mode, and opponent!

3. Tap “Play Now”.

4. “SPIN” the wheel to start!

    • There are six categories available: geography, sports, science, entertainment, history, and art.
    • If the arrow lands on the crown, you can choose the category by picking any character!

    • Getting the crown also lets you challenge your opponent for their character. Just make sure to get a higher score or you’ll lose your character!

5. Tap “Play”.

    • Wanna go for another spin? Just watch an ad!

6. Pick the right answer.

  • There is a 20-second time limit. Think fast!
  • If you get an answer wrong, you lose a turn. Wait for your opponent to lose their turn to play again…

7. Hit “Continue” to proceed.

    • How do you feel about the app’s questions? Hit “Boring” or “Fun” to let the developers know.
    • Keep playing until you get all of the characters and win!

Play Other Trivia Games!

Do you want more challenges? Trivia Crack has other mini trivia games for you to try out!

Trivia Live

If you live in the US, you’ll have the chance to win real cash with Trivia Live! Trivia Live is a live trivia game where you are given real-time quizzes and compete with other players. Get rewarded by putting your knowledge to the test!

Crown League

Become the best of the best by participating in the Crown League! Collect crowns in Classic mode to increase your ranking. Reach the top to get your reward!


Exercise your general knowledge through Triviathon! Answer the questions right and get in-game coins. Don’t get a single answer wrong or you’ll end up at the starting line again. It’s like a marathon, but with your brain!

Missions & Treasure Hunt

Get prizes for your efforts! These two alternate in giving you tasks to fulfill in Classic mode in exchange for coins and gems. Make sure you finish those tasks before the timer runs out!

Trivia Rush

Figure out who is the fastest trivia master by playing Trivia Rush! Answer as quickly as you can to beat your opponent. Whoever correctly answers five questions first wins the game!

Explore Trivia Crack!

Expand your general knowledge by learning how the app works!


Here you can see your stats, as well as the different game modes. Scroll down the Home tab to see whose turn it is to play!


Give yourself an advantage by collecting power-ups! Use your gems to buy cards to help you score more points!


You can message your friends on the app as well! Just tap on the message box to get the conversation started.


Running low on gems? You can buy them at the shop, along with other things that can help you improve your game!


See who’s the best trivia master among your friends by checking out the Ranking list! Make sure you invite them to the game first!


Check out your profile, send lives to your friends, connect to social media, adjust your settings, and buy the premium version of the game. You can even help the developers by sending some of your own trivia through the question factory!

Answer Trivia Game Questions!

Quiz yourself on how much you know by playing Trivia Crack! With different modes of gameplay, you’ll never get bored probing through your head for some answers. The questions may get harder as you progress, but at least you’ll get to learn new stuff! Become the greatest trivia master online with Trivia Crack!