Are you a fan of crossword puzzles? Why don’t you take your crossword challenge to the next level? Well, don’t look any further. Wordscapes is definitely the game you’re searching for! Text twists, anagrams, word search, and daily puzzles? Play with words to your heart’s content with the best word game app!

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Developed by : PeopleFun, Inc.

Play Wordscapes!

Ready for your first Wordscapes experience? Learn how to play and you’ll soon find yourself having fun with the puzzles!

  1. Press the Level button.

  1. Connect the letters to form a word.

  1. Fill in the empty boxes with other words.


  • Been taking a long time figuring out more words? Scramble the letters for free!

  • You may also spend your Coins to use available Hints.
  • Great job! You’ve completed the puzzle!

    4. Press the Level button to proceed to the next set!

Learn New Words!

Don’t just play with the words, learn them as well! It’s not enough to just know the right words. You have to understand them too. Thanks to Wordscapes, you get to play and access the dictionary!

  1. Tap the Dictionary button.

      2. Read the definitions of the words from the puzzle you’re currently solving.

      3. Swipe right to continue reading all the definitions.


Earn Coins!

Yes! Even in Wordscapes, you need coins to survive. To afford hints, learn all the ways you can get coins and continue completing even those difficult puzzles!

Daily Rewards

More surprises from Wordscapes! For every 24 hours, you get a daily reward. You may receive coins, limited sale bonus for hints, and bees! Pick a gift box and hit “Collect”!


Bonus Words

Guess all the words you can! If it’s not in the puzzle, it will be saved as a bonus word and you’ll get extra coins. The more bonus words you answer, the richer you get!


Invite Friends

Simply tap the Invite Friends button and then select “More”.


Select an SNS and send the invitation to all your friends!


  • When they install and play Wordscapes, you’ll gain 300 coins!
  • Want instant 200 coins? Connect your Wordscapes to your Facebook account!

Daily Puzzle

When you accomplish your daily puzzles, you get rewarded! Play Wordscapes every day and collect Stars to earn coins.


Buy Coins

Visit the Wordscapes Store and buy coins! You may also buy Bees, which will leave coins on your puzzles upon usage.


Explore Wordscapes

Look around Wordscapes and dive into the game! Find out which options and hints you’ll be needing when playing.


Brilliance displays the points that Wordscapes gives you on each level. Brilliance points vary depending on how well you did on one level. Do better, gain more brilliance!


Tap the Level button to get back to the last puzzle that you were playing.


  • Hit the arrow to go back to the home screen.

  • Press the Options button to track your progress.


Daily Puzzle

Don’t miss out on the Daily Puzzle challenge! Complete the puzzle, but make sure you fill in the box where the Butterfly is so you get to earn Stars.


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Keep track of your Coins and use them well! You can also take a look at the bundles and kits for sale!



Toggle your music, sound, and notifications in Settings. Customize your Wordscapes experience!


You don’t need to stay on one level when you can move up with the help of hints. Stuck because of that one word? You can use hints to give you some more letters. Collect more coins to enjoy more hints!

Random Letter

Test your luck! Get a hint worth 50 coins. You will be given a random letter on any box selected by Wordscapes.



Hit Bull’s eye. You get to select a tile and it will be filled in with a letter for only 100 coins.


Multiple Random Letters

For more random letter hints, use Rocket for 150 coins.


  • Wordscapes sometimes gives you bees! They make your Wordscapes experience sweeter! If you collect bees as a daily reward, they will hover over the boxes of the puzzle you’ll play subsequently. They drop coins and sometimes letters!

Answer Daily Puzzles!

Wordscapes is not just any other crossword puzzle game. You get to have fun while learning! Imagine your vocabulary growing every day just by playing! And not just that…Wordscapes makes it easy for you to finish every level with the help of hints. You are certainly going to ask for more! Get your daily dose of puzzles in Wordscapes!