People often feel stressed because of different reasons. This is why we need to find ways to relax! Nowadays, there are a lot of apps were made to lessen users’ stress. And though it sounds a bit silly and childish, coloring books have been very popular in this category!

The creativity involved in these apps actually relax the mind. We’ll be introducing one simple app that’s also the most popular digital coloring activity.  Install this one and bid your stress goodbye!

What is Colorfy?

“Colorfy: Coloring Art Games” is both a game and a social media app. It’s an easy-to-use app that lets you color pretty art pieces without the need for expensive art materials. Your hands don’t even have to get tired! Not only that… you can also show off your art pieces to other people. Who knew you could be an artist just by relaxing?

This app is available for both Android and IOS users. Go ahead and take some time off work or class and create some beautiful art.

Install Colorfy

Direct Link: Colorfy: Coloring Art Games


Developed by: Fun Games For Free

Launch Colorfy

1. Tap  to open the app.

  • You may subscribe for a  free trial of Colorfy Premium. You may also purchase a 1-month or 12-month Premium subscription.

2. Tap X to log in as a guest.

Explore Colorfy

Once you open the app, you will find five important tabs. Familiarize them all and get ready to start coloring!


What you will see first is the library.  It’s where you will find available coloring pages, categories, and designs.

  • There’s a vast array of free themes, but some are only available for the Premium version. Colorfy will frequently offer premium themes for free.


This feature allows you to create your own coloring pages. You may draw your own mandalas, import your own drawings, or compose your own text.

Get Inspired

In this tab, you can find the artworks of other users. Before you start working on your first piece, check some finished pieces and get some inspiration!

In the Get Inspired tab, you may Search for artworks from different themes.

You may also Discover works from people that you might want to follow.

If you want to check out the latest artworks from the users that you follow, you can go to the Following tab.

In Colorfy, there are popular artists and favorite pieces. Visit Most Loved to find the top favorites of the day!

Also, when you start “loving” pieces, you will find your personal favorites in the Things I Love tab.


Once you’ve warmed up to the app and you start following artists, you will absolutely make new friends! And when you start interacting, you can keep yourself posted through the Activities tab.

My Profile

Of course, you have your own space in this colorful app! In your profile, you will find your published and unpublished works.

  • You also have your own Virtual Gallery where you can take a picture of a 3D-render of your art pieces. You can choose to create a glass wall or a normal wall to “hang” your colored pieces on.

Color Between The Lines

Now that you’ve familiarized your way around the app, time to relax and put some colors on the pages!

1. In the Library, select your design.

2. Select your coloring style.

  • Tap Mode will completely color the space between the lines with a tap.

  • Swipe Mode lets you swipe and fully color multiple shapes with ease.

  • Fingerpaint Mode lets you swipe through the space giving the feel like you’re filling the shape without it affecting other shapes.

3. Choose a brush.

4. Select a Palette.

  • Shades offers a color wheel of similar-looking colors.

  • Thematic gives you unique color combinations befitting themes like Winter or Relax.

  • My Palette allows you to create your own unique palettes for personal use.

5. Color away!

  • If you make a mistake, you may undo or redo your actions.

  • Also, if you miss a spot and you’re not sure which color you should use for it, just check your previously used colors!

  • If you’re having a hard time coloring the tiny details, you may zoom in and out by pinching the photo.

6. Once you’re done, tap !

Edit It!

Another great thing about Colorfy is that it also allows you to edit, put filters, and add texture to your art piece. If you want to add more artistic touches to your piece, edit to your heart’s content!

1. Use a filter to tweak your piece’s look!

2. Select a style and completely change your work, depending on the art movement that you want to use.

3. Edit some more and work on the texture, line colors, and other effects!

4. Done enhancing your art piece? Tap ✓!

“Your rocked it!”

Color Me Happy

Every after artwork, Colorfy will tell you that you did a great job. Proud of yourself, too? You can post your piece on your profile and other social media accounts!

Colorfy is an app that gives users a therapeutic experience just by coloring detailed pictures. People of all ages can just take out their devices and begin coloring. It’s convenient and easy to use with plenty of tools you can use for free. So when you feel that the stress is getting the best of you, sit down and color your troubles away! Use your stress to bring out the artist in you.