Nowadays, when people feel stressed out, they run to social media. But for others? They look for mobile games! Without a doubt, puzzle games are the most sought-after leisure games. But if you look for some online, a long list of available apps might puzzle you. Don’t get worked up! Why choose from a long list when here are five of the best puzzle game apps? Check them out and relieve the stress any time of the day!



First in line is a crossword puzzle game! Wordscapes definitely goes on top of the list with over 300,000 downloads. Wordscapes also features breathtaking landscapes. If you’re into word search, anagrams, and travelling, Wordscapes has got them all for you!

Download Wordscapes


Developed by : PeopleFun, Inc.

Elegant User Interface

Different scenes in every level! Wordscapes springs with its beautiful background images. This feature can make you feel more laid-back while playing. If you ever get stuck on a level, the calming background will surely take the stress away! The interface in general gives off relaxing vibes.



Keep going! Wordscapes has made it easier for you to get through each level. Fire up the thrill as you use a random single-letter hint. For 50 coins, Wordscapes will place a random letter on a random box. No backing out!

You can also get a right-on-the-box hint at 100 coins. Get the exact letter on your chosen box. If you wanna push the limits, bring the rocket hints into play! You’ll be granted several letters on many boxes worth 150 coins! You’ll cross levels in no time!


Quickly learn how to play Wordscapes in this article!

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Toy Blast

Tap and pop! Two simple steps that will give you victory on Toy Blast! This one is for those who love matching-type games. Challenges escalate in every level. You’ll always feel pumped up!

Download Toy Blast

Toy Blast

Toy Blast
Developed by : Peak Games

Complex Design

If you’re a game design enthusiast, Toy Blast is certainly made for you. The characters, settings, and all other elements have intricate designs. The game just stuns you with its art. You can actually take your time and admire the details that make up the game! Puzzles are less stressful if they’re well-designed, aren’t they?



Toy Blast is a gallant game app. It just doesn’t stop giving! After you finish every 20 levels, you can open your star chest. You may claim coins, lives, and boosters. If you connect Toy Blast to Facebook, you’ll get free lives. Sounds fun and easy, right?


Before you try it out yourself, find out how to win over Toy Blast challenges!

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Jigsaw Puzzle

Pick up the pace! Set your mind to work! Solve jigsaw puzzles of high-quality images on Jigsaw Puzzle. No pressure… You can adjust the level of difficulty for each puzzle! So, are you ready to play a puzzle or two?

Download Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle



Personalized Interface

Guess what? You can get puzzle backgrounds on Jigsaw Puzzle… And they’re for free! You’ll surely enjoy assembling the puzzle pieces with the background image of your choice. You may select from plain backgrounds to complex ones!


Flexible Settings

In Jigsaw Puzzle, you can always choose the puzzle that you want to assemble. You can get them for free on the Jigsaw Puzzle store. More great news for you! You can alter the puzzle’s level of difficulty. Basically, you get to play the game any way you want to!  


Ready to pick up the puzzle pieces? Check this out:

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Two Dots

Do you feel the urge to connect matching dots? In Two Dots, that’s all you have to do! No dots should slip away from your tap and slide. You will be transported to different places as you level up. Embark on an exciting Two Dots journey!

Download Two Dots

Two Dots

Two Dots
Developed by : Playdots, Inc.



Minimalistic Interface

Satisfy the minimalist in you! In Two Dots, simple yet graceful designs unfold right before your eyes. For players who prefer games that do not show too much, Two Dots definitely does it right!


Refillable Lives

Don’t wanna run out of lives? You won’t! If you don’t want to spend any coins for your life, Two Dots life refill only takes twenty minutes. Your life will be filled to the brim again in just a few moments! For times when waiting just won’t do, spare a few dimes and instantly refill your life!

Feeling the connection already? You certainly have to look into this article!

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Want an instant arcade in your phone? Scale gets you! This ultimate arcade puzzle game app gives you the best brain teaser. Boards and slicers and balls? They absolutely spell out fun!

Download Scale


Developed by : Good Job Games




Unique Mechanics

Have you ever played a digital game with boards and slicers? Scale is definitely different from the rest. It might seem easy at first glance, but don’t let your guard down! Scale can get pretty challenging. Tickle your brain as you slice the board while keeping away from the ball!


Exciting Modes

You’ll never get bored in this game! Scale has several modes to kick up your heels. Here’s the catch: you’ll only get to play the rest of the modes once you beat certain levels. Definitely a challenge, right? Feel pepped-up with Scale’s exciting modes!


Drag and slice! Take a closer look into these actions…

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Brain teasers and daily riddles

Your phone seems incomplete without games. They keep you active even when you’re relaxing. On days when you’ve got so much leisure time, take a shot on the best puzzle game apps online!

Wordscapes wants to give you the best leisure experience. Nothing compares to completing a crossword puzzle! You’d be surprised and impressed with your own vocabulary. With Wordscapes, you can play and learn without any pressure!

If you’re looking for a game that won’t let you down with its art, challenges, and freebies… it’s definitely Toy Blast! Complete challenges and enjoy your freebies! And in Toy Blast, you are your own game character. You can even join competitions with your friends!

Jigsaw Puzzle is a classic. Relax by fitting in the puzzle pieces! Enhance your focus by taking a closer look at the details and surprise yourself with the completed picture.

But of course, connect-the-dots type of games also never gets old. That makes Two Dots your go-to game app! Complete levels by simply connecting dots. And no matter how easy the game looks, you’ll certainly never get bored.

Have you been looking for an unparalleled game? One that’s unlikely to be found in your friends’ phones? It’s high time you learn about Scale… and share them with everyone! Take on the challenge of this game app and you’ll find yourself immersed in its difficulty. Not the stressful kind though, but the type that exercises your brain!

Keep your brain working! Don’t let your sharp eyes and mind go rusty! The best way to keep your mind active is by playing. Indulge in the best puzzle game apps during idle and stressful moments. And of course, you’ll experience all this fun for free!