The selfie game has been a competitive one, and keeping up with the challenge means choosing from tons of camera apps. Some are great and some are not so great. But there are camera apps that have stood the test of time.

What is Camera 360?

Camera 360 is an amazing camera app that does not only take photos but also offer loads of amazing filters that anyone will surely love! This is definitely a simple camera and editing app that won’t disappoint you!

Install Camera 360

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Camera360 - Selfie Sticker Cam

Camera360 – Selfie Sticker Cam
Developed by : PinGuo Inc.

Getting to know Camera360

Tap to launch Camera 360.

• Camera 360 will ask you to allow access to your photos. To use photos from your gallery, tap “OK”.

Check out your profile! to Profile.

• You may log in using Facebook, Twitter, or your email address.

Play with the camera!

• This is where you can snap amazing photos of you and your friends.

Find photos you’ve taken in Albums.

• You can also check out other photos in your library.

Get to know these five essential tabs!

Selfie Sticker

Access the stickers by tapping this icon. You can also access them through camera option.

Fun Challenge

Take fun challenges that Camera 360 offers by hitting this button!

Ads Section

Find amazing and interesting new apps you can try out aside from Camera360!

Beauty Lab

Get to know apps that will help you edit and create amazing photos through Beauty Lab.

Turn Photos into Art

This is another playful app featured by Camera 360.

Exploring the camera


To start taking photos,  tap the Capture button.


Beside it is the Makeup option. This lets you choose makeup filters for your photo.

• Swipe left to see 20 different kinds of makeup filters.

Adjust the sliders for your desired level of “Dermabrasion” (intensity of the filter).


Then we have the “Album”.

Face Effects

Tap on the “winking” face and enjoy different kinds of fun face effects!

• Swipe left to check out nine awesome effects!

Photo Filters

Tap the “flower” and find various filters that will help you set the mood or theme of your photos!

Switch Cameras

Tap the button on the upper right corner to toggle between front and rear camera!

Additional Options

Play with more options to make the perfect photo.


Set the size and dimensions of your photo using Frame.


Automatically save your photo everytime you take one by tapping Auto-save.

Touch capture

By activating this option, you can snap a photo just by touching the screen.


No selfie stick? Set a timer!


Poor lighting? Turn on the flash!


Darken the edges of the photo and highlight your subject by using Vignette.


Simulate depth of field using Blur.

Night mode

Nighttime makes it quite hard to take good photos. Fortunately, Camera360 has its handy Night mode!

Advanced adjustments

Pre-calibrate the white balance and colors using Advanced adjustments!


Turn on Grid to help you center (or deliberately off-center) your subject!

In-depth skin

Glow up using In-depth skin!


Check or alter other settings under this option.

Take a video!

Camera 360 is widely popular as a photo app, but now it also gives you the option to take videos. Like the photo option, the video also has filters, makeup adjustments, and additional video features—music and video timer.


Pick a BGM for your video by tapping the leftmost button.

• Pick a song from Camera360’s pre-selected tracks!

Video Timer

Set the duration of your video using the video timer.

Snap Away!

Camera 360 is popular for a reason—it’s one of the most versatile cameras with its various face effects and filters. Be it a cutesy face sticker or a beautifying filter, Camera360 got it all for you. So go ahead,  pick up your phones, and start snapping!