Is your timeline getting a bit dull with the same old photos? Upgrade your pictures with moving texts by Hype-Type app! This is the easiest way to hype your SNS profiles and stories with animated text effects for your photos.

Plus, with a simple user interface, anyone can definitely achieve these amazing effects! Read on for the easiest way to hype up your photos…


Hype-Type: Moving Text Photo-s

Hype-Type: Moving Text Photo-s
Developed by : Setona LLC

Add animated text!

Check out how simple it is to add moving text on your images! Just follow these steps to add action to your SNS profile…

  1. Launch the app and swipe up to view your camera roll.

  • You may also snap a picture directly from the app.
  1. Choose a photo.

  1. Double tap on the text to edit.

  1. Enter your desired text.

  • You may swipe left to add more text.

  1. Tap the checkmark when done.

  • You have added text!

Edit your animation!

Enhance the effects of your text with different animation styles to liven up your pictures!

  1. Tap the Text button.

  1. Blur out your photo to focus on the text!


  1. Choose a text animation!

  • Choose from fifteen free effects!
  1. Change the color of your text!

  • Choose from twenty-eight swatches.
  1. Hit the Shuffle button to change the text style!

Save and share!

Keep a copy of your enhanced photo and show it off to your friends on SNS!

  1. Tap the checkmark.

  1. Hit the Save button.

  • You have saved your edited photo in your camera roll!

  1. Share it on Instagram!

  • You may also share on Facebook or Twitter.

  • The app will prompt you to open Instagram after saving your edited photo to your camera roll.
  1. Tap the Add Photo button.

  1. Choose your edited photo.

  1. Add further enhancements and then tap “Next”.

  1. Enter a caption and then hit “Share”.

  • You have shared your edited photo on Instagram!

Hype your story!

Spice up your SNS timelines and stories with beautiful motion typography on your photos. There’s no better app for that than Hype-Type! Take pictures directly with the app or use photos in your camera roll. Simply change the words of pre-edited text and choose from fifteen animation styles. Hyping up your profiles has never been easier!