3D photos are what’s “in” nowadays. If you go online, you will often find your friends’ 3D photos and they always blow your mind. How do they do that? How do their photos look like they’re popping out of your screen? Make your photos look alive with Fyuse – 3D Photos app!

Post even cooler photos of yourself or your favorite sceneries. Share about your day with more than ordinary pictures. Install Fyuse – 3D Photos and add some action to your images!


Fyuse - 3D Photos

Fyuse – 3D Photos
Developed by: Fyusion

Create a 3D Photo

Ready to fill your timeline with 3D photos? Follow these steps and learn how to create one:

1. Press the 3D Photo button.

2. Choose the Object Mode.

  • You may also use the Panorama or Manual modes.

  • Turn the flash on or switch to the front camera!

3. Tap the object to 3D capture, and then press the Record button.


Click to view the image!

  • Make sure to follow the direction!

4. Go to your Fyuse gallery.

5. You have created a 3D photo!


Click to view the 3D photo!

Export 3D Photos

Of course, you would want to save that moving photo on your phone. It’s too cool to not be shown off to your friends!

1. Go to your profile and tap your 3D photo.

2. Hit the Export button.

3. Choose “Export Live Photo”.

  • You may also export the file as video or animated GIF.

4. You have saved your 3D photo!

Share and Post

Now’s the time to share your cool 3D photo! Share your first masterpiece to the other Fyusers.

1. Press the “Share” button.

  • You may stylize, edit, and decorate your 3D photo before posting it!

  • You may also send your Fyuse to selected SNS.

2. Type a caption.

  • Set your Fyuse’s privacy as “Public” or “Private”.

  • Don’t hesitate to add your location!

3. Hit “Post”!

4. You have posted your Fyuse!

Explore Fyuse

Fyuse has a very creative community composed of members with a great eye for photography. The moment you launch the app, you’ll instantly be amazed by the other users’ posts! Know your way around Fyuse and be inspired to create more 3D photos.


Everything will move. That’s how dynamic and fun the homepage is! All the galleries you’ve subscribed into and the users you follow will be shown here.


Click to view the image!

Don’t forget to regularly check your messages from Fyuse itself and your fellow Fyusers!


Looking for specific themes for 3D photos? Search for them! Find out who’s the “Fyuser in the Spotlight”, which one is the “Fyuse of the Day”, and read the app’s blog!

Exercise your eye for 3D photography and follow other Fyusers!

3D Photo

Can’t wait to fill your profile with 3D photos? Capture as many as you can, until you get to share your own galleries with other Fyusers!


Stay updated! Keep track of how many fyusers have loved your fyuses by turning the notifications on. Make sure you don’t miss out on anything…


Capture, create, and collect 3D photos! Express yourself with your fyuses, and fill your profile with action. You will surely amaze everyone who stumbles upon your own page!

Update your settings every now and then and connect your Fyuse account to other SNS. Post your fyuses everywhere!

Make it real!

Don’t settle for plain photos. Make them three-dimensional! Capture a breathtaking sunset with a panoramic 3D photo and make objects seem like they’re popping out of your phone screen. Keep up with the 3D photos trend online and enhance your creativity. Install Fyuse, be a Fyuser, and make your photos look surreal!