Done editing your favorite photos on Artist? Well, there’s still one more feature that you shouldn’t miss! Artist allows you to create your own photo collage. You just need to grab the best photos from your album, choose a grid style, and you’re good to go! Fairly simple, right? There’s no need to install another app when you have Artist!


Upload Photos and Choose Your Grid

Upload the photos that will look best in a single frame. You also have to choose the best grid. And don’t hold back, you can upload up to nine photos at once!


1. Tap to launch Artist.

2. Press “Collage.”

3. Select the photos for your collage.

4. Choose the collage grid that you want.

  • Tip: If you see this ‘lock’ sign, you will need a premium membership to use it.


  • You have uploaded your photos!


Edit Your Collage

Artist doesn’t just get you the grid styles…It also gives you enough tools to edit your collage. Add more colors and fun to your collage!


1. Swipe left or right to change your grid style.

2. Adjust the size of the borders.

  • Simply drag the slider to apply the size that you want.

  • You can also soften the edges of your frames.

3.  Tap the third tab to add background.

  • You can use the in-app patterned backgrounds or colors.

4. Select your filters.


5. Tap the “T” icon to add texts.

  • Change your font, size and the alignment of your text.

  • Also, you can add some shadow, and even adjust the kerning and tracking of your text.

6. Don’t forget to press tick to save the changes.


  • You just finished your collage!


Save Your Collage

Wanna keep a copy of the collage on your phone? You gotta save it!

1. Tap the next button.

2. Select Save Photo.


  • Save your photo in HD by subscribing to premium.
  • Collage saved!

Share Your Collage

You’re all set to share your collage! Let your friends react and comment on your post.

1. Select the SNS icon where you want to share your collage.

  • You can also share your collage on other Artist-compatible SNS apps.

2. Say something about your post.

3. Hit Post!

  • Your collage has been uploaded.

Quick Collage

Artist already has got everything you need for photo editing. And here comes its collage feature that gives us more reason to enjoy it. You no longer need to download another app just to create a collage. Use the same Artist tools for photo editing. Apply the same effects and style on your collage in just a snap.