There must be a lot of special memories in your media library with all the wonderful photos you have saved. Make your memories even more special by combining your photos into a collage with the Collageable app! Just choose the best layout and then insert your photos to create one neat image. Have fun with stylish text options and fun stickers. It couldn’t get any better and easier than this!


Photo Collage - Collageable

Photo Collage – Collageable
Developed by : Filterra Inc.

Create a Collage

Make your perfect photo collage with hundreds of layouts and templates to choose from! Mix your pictures together into one stylish image. And for extra fun, you have tons of stickers, patterns, and frames to insert and apply on your collage!

  1. Launch Collageable app and then tap “Collage”.

  • Body and Beauty are premium Collageable offers.
  1. Swipe for over 200 templates to choose from!

  1. Choose a template.

  1. Tap a frame.

  1. Choose photos from your media library.

  1. Tap the checkmark after selecting photos.

  • You have created a collage!

Edit your Collage

Adjust the appearance of your collage with different frame options and backgrounds! Further enhance your image with stylish texts and fun stickers!

  1. Tap “Frame Adjust”.

  1. Use the control points to resize your photos.

  1. Adjust the size and borders of your collage.

  • Adjustment options: Aspect Ratio, Border Roundness, and Border Size.
  • You can hit the Reset button to discard changes.

  • Tap the checkmark when you’re done.

  1. Tap “Background”.

  1. Choose a pattern or color.

  • Tap the checkmark when you’re done.

  1. Add Text!

  1. Tap “Text”.

  1. Enter and edit your text.

  • Text options: Edit, Alignment, Style, Color, Shadow, and Background.
  • Tap the checkmark when you’re done.

  1. Apply stickers!

  1. Tap “Stickers”.

  1. Swipe for different categories!

  1. Choose stickers.

  • You have added stickers!

Save and Share

Keep a copy of your perfect collage and share it with your friends on SNS!

  1. Tap the Export button.

  1. Hit “Save Image”.

  • You have saved your collage!

  1. Share your collage on Instagram!

  • You may also share your collage on other SNS.
  1. Enter a caption and then hit “Share”.

  • You have shared your collage on Instagram!

Trendy Templates!

Create, edit, and share your perfect collage with Photo Collage – Collageable app. With over 200 templates to choose from, you can mix and match your pictures into one trendy image! Get access to easy frame adjustment tools, text editing tools, and fun stickers to apply. The quick export button also makes it easier to save and share your collage on SNS. Download the app now for the best collage-making experience!