Imagine a photo editor that has all of the tools to scale, position, rotate, and flip your photos. You would think of a desktop program where you will have to click through different tools to navigate! How will you make your gorgeous photo masterpiece while you’re on the move? Bazaart Photo Editor & Design will help you with that! This iOS app is perfect for artists on the go with its essential photo-editing tools and simple touch gestures. And with its several ready-made templates, all you have to do is change it up!

Bazaart Photo Editor & Design is a recipient of the Apple Best of App Store Award. Create beautiful photo manipulations and picture collages with state-of-the-art editing tools! With a simple interface and responsive processing time, this award-winning app will guide you to boundless creativity!


Bazaart Photo Editor & Design

Bazaart Photo Editor & Design
Developed by : Bazaart Ltd.

Start a Project

With just a few swipes and touches on your phone, you can create amazing images! Get started on creating your artwork by following the steps below:

1. Tap “+” and select “Start New”.

    • You may also create a photo with the app’s pre-made photo templates.
    • The default background will be transparent.

2. Add in a layer by tapping “photos”.

    • Aside from your phone’s gallery, you may also select a photo from “Free Photos” and “Web Search”.

3. Change the background’s Size.

    • You may press and hold the photo layer that you have added to set it as your background.

4. Zoom into your photo.

5. Pinch your photo to fit it to the background.

6. Hit the Layer button to view the layers.

    • You can Export, Hide, Lock, and Delete your layers.

    • The app lets you know which layer you are editing at the moment.

7. Add more layers!

    • You may add from the following: photos, text, stickers, and background.
    • Use the Undo button to revert changes.

    • You’re now ready to edit!

Edit Your Photo

With all the essential photo-editing tools at your disposal, you can now edit photos like an art pro! Create your masterpiece by tapping “Edit”.


1. Press the “replace” button.

    • Make sure that you have selected the layer you want to replace.

2. Select a photo that you want to use.

3. Tap “Done” to apply the changes.

Cut out

1. Tap “cut out”.

2. “crop” your photo.

    • Hit “Apply” to finish cropping the photo.

3. Select “eraser” and swipe your finger on the areas you want to remove.

    • You may also “restore” erased areas that you want to keep.

    • Tap “auto” to automatically remove the rest of the background.

And then hit “Apply” when you’re done.

    • Tap “Close” to use other editing tools.

4. Add a little variety to your photos by using “shapes”.

5. Use “scissors” to manually cut out the background.

    • The “magic” button is a Premium tool used for a quick background cutout.


1. Tap “style”.

2. “fill” your layer with a solid color.

3. Add a “shadow”.

    • You may edit the shadow effect with the following: size, angle, blur, color, and opacity.

4. Add an “outline” around your photo.

    • You may change the outline color.

5. Apply a “filter”.

    • You may improve the filter by tweaking the light levels with “adjust”.

6. Tap “blending” and select the effect you want to use.

7. You may adjust the layer’s transparency with “opacity”.

8. Hit “Close” when done.


1. Tap the “transform” button.

2. Flip, Duplicate, and Arrange your layers.

    • The “back” tool lets you rearrange your layers.

3. Tap “Close” when done.

    • To remove a layer, tap “delete”.

    • You have edited your photo!

Save and Share

Make your gorgeous edits be known by sharing your masterpiece with the online community! You might even impress some artists out there!

1. Tap the Export button…

And select “Save Image”.

    • You have saved your photo!

    • Want to remove the watermark? Get access to Bazaart’s premium features and enjoy all the app has to offer!

2. Tap “Instagram” and select “Feed”.

    • Tap “More” to upload your edited photo on other SNS.
    • You may also upload your edited photo to your Story!

3. Hit “Next”.

    • You may also add more photos or add filters.

4. Add a caption and then hit “Share”.

    • You have posted your edited photo on Instagram!


Bazaart is the app where you get to create art! Attain artistic inspiration in every corner of the app with the creative templates. Learn the ropes on making amazing photo-edits with easy-to-follow guides. Go and make masterpieces!


Create the most beautiful and creative photos in the Templates tab! Pick a template from the available categories and edit it into a work of art in no time!


You’ll find all of your edits ready to be modified in the Projects tab! Start as many projects as you want and re-edit them to your satisfaction.


If you’re having a bit of trouble maneuvering around the app, simply check the Learn tab. With tutorials on how to remove backgrounds to replacing different photos on the template, you’ll be an expert on the app in no time!

Get Creative!

Make masterpieces on the go with Bazaart! With a wonderful array of unique photo templates and powerful adjustment tools to enhance your photos with, this app has everything the traveling digital photo artist needs. Follow simple tutorials to get the hang of its features and start editing your best works with Bazaart Photo Editor & Design!