Imagine an out-of-body experience you could take a photo of. Ghost Lens can make your vision happen! Capture an initial photo and insert a ghostly image of yourself with this augmented reality application. Everyday can be Halloween when you decorate your SNS timelines with this spooky photo generator!


Ghost Lens AR Fun Movie Maker

Ghost Lens AR Fun Movie Maker
Developed by : Chi zhang

Go Ghost!

Follow these steps to send your spirit out of your body.

  1. Tap   to launch Ghost Lens AR.
  1. Swipe down on your homescreen.

  1. Select “Photo Layout”.

  1. Tap the “Ghost” tab.

  1. Select a “Ghost” filter.

  1. Take an initial photo of yourself.

  1. Take a ghost photo.

  1. Adjust the opacity of your ghost photo.

  1. Tap on “Ghost Blur”.

  1. Edit your ghostly effects.

  • You can adjust the size, offset and angle.

Save and Share

Once you’re satisfied with your eerie edits, save a copy and show off your phantom photo with your friends!

  1. Hit “Next”.

  1. Apply a filter.

  1. Choose a photo resolution.

  • You can choose between 750 x 1332, 1125 x 1998, and 1500 x 2664.
  1. Hit “Save & Share”.

  • Your ghost photo has been saved to your gallery!

  1. Share it on Instagram!

  • You can also choose among the SNS apps compatible with Ghost Lens AR.
  1. Type a caption and hit “Share”.

  • You have shared your photo on Instagram!

Free Your Spirit!

Get creative with this cloning camera and make your ghost appear in your selfies! Ghost Lens sets one photo as a background and then superimposes the next one you capture to achieve that spooky illusion. The augmented reality effects surely will alter your friends’ perception and impress your followers on SNS. Lift up their spirits as you free yours with Ghost Lens AR!