Using stickers is one of the best ways to creatively express yourself in your messages. They’re so diverse, fun, and quirky! Do you want to make it even more exciting? With Sticker Maker Studio app, you can make your own stylized and personalized sticker set!


Sticker Maker Studio

Sticker Maker Studio
Developed by : Tamara Vardanyan

Create a Sticker!

1. Launch the Sticker Maker Studio App and tap Create a new stickerpack!”

2. Enter a name for the stickerpack and your own name as author. 

3. Press “Create”.

4. View your stickerpack.

5. Tap the first empty box.

  • The sticker in this box will only serve as the tray icon for the selected stickerpack and won’t be in the actual pack unless sent individually.

6. Choose “Gallery”.

  • You may also take a new photo by choosing “Camera”.

7.  Pick a photo.

8. Trace the part of the photo that you want as a sticker.

9. Hit “Save”.

  • Not satisfied with the result? Press “Reset” to try again.
  • Edit three more photos to complete the minimum number of stickers for the pack. You can create up to 30 stickers in one stickerpack!

Save and Share!

Ready to share your personalized sticker? Send your work to your friends online!

  1. Press “Add to WhatsApp”.

  • WhatsApp will be automatically launched!

     2. Tap on your sticker and send to a friend!

  • You can also send your stickerpack as a downloadable file so your friends can edit them. Simply press the Export button, select where you want to send your stickerpack, and then send.                

Get Customized Stickers!

With Sticker Maker Studio App, connecting with people becomes a little more special! No more looking among the thousands of stickers online; you can simply make the perfect one. You can even let your friends engage in the same fun with you! Just trace away and share! Send your personalized stickers to your loved ones, and share a couple of great laughs.