There will be days when just simply editing your photo is not enough anymore, and you want to do more but you only have limited tools. If you want to add spice to your photo, this is the one for you.


 A Design Kit

A Design Kit
Developed by : A Color Story LLC

Design your Photo

Launch A Design Kit App

Select a Photo

Choose a photo you want to start with.

  • You can choose photos from Backgrounds, Albums, or Snap a new photo.

Choose a Size

After choosing a photo, pick the right dimensions for your photo.

  • Pick from 1:1, Story, 4:5, 3:4, 4:3, and Free.

  • You can rotate or flip your photo.
  • Tap Continue after making your initial adjustments.


Choose from 6 in-app brushes. You can also purchase additional brushes if you want.

  • Pick from tons of available colors you can use from solid colors to a gradient, pastel and many more.


Add Text to your Photo. Choose from the available fonts.

  • You can adjust the font, the spacing, and the paragraph style.


  • Tap the color wheel to change the color of your font.


Add designs to your photo.

  • Change the color of the shape.


Be extra! Add some stickers! It does not only help your photo stand out but it also gives some fun factor.


If you want to purchase additional brushes, stickers, and fonts, this is where you can get them.

  • Tap Review after editing your photo.

Save and Share

After editing your photo, it’s time to have a copy of your photo and share it with the world!

Save your Photo

Tap Save & Finish to save your photo.

  • Photo Saved!


After saving your Photo, it’s now time to share your creation to the world wide web.

1. Tap Share.

2. Pick an SNS app you want to share your photo.

  • You can also choose any SNS app compatible with this app.

3. Don’t forget to add a caption and hashtags.

4. Tap Share”.

Photo Shared!

Mix it up!

From text, colors, to even stickers, try to mix them up! There is nothing that will stop your creative juices. Express yourself with this app, and go beyond designing. Mix your palette and make your own photo your own piece of art.