“Oh, that’s definitely been Photoshopped,” as you might have heard before. Photoshop has become synonymous with photo-editing After all, it has been listed in countless Best Photo Editing Software lists!

Professionals and amateurs alike use the famous desktop program to create and enhance their pictures. And now, the expert editing tools are available even when you’re away from your keyboard. With Adobe Photoshop Express app, you can create anything you imagine, anywhere you are!


Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express
Developed by : Adobe

Correct Image Perspective

If you have some crooked pictures, you can instantly fix them with this app. Adobe Photoshop Express gives you four perspective correction options to straighten out all your lopsided images! The app intelligently detects the viewpoint in your photos and can automatically transform and crop for the best results. Even out photos with tall subjects, and balance wide landscapes in an instant!

Check out this link for a step-by-step guide on fixing your photos:

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Retouch and Make Adjustments on your Photos

Control the light and intensify the colors of your pictures! This app gives you five essential adjustment options to enhance your photos. By simply dragging a slider, you can instantly brighten or darken and warm up or cool down your images! Apply various photo effects like fades, blurs, and grain. You can even zoom into your photos to fine tune the details and reduce unwanted splotches!

Check out how you can instantly adjust your pictures with Adobe Photoshop Express app:

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Remove Blemishes from your Selfies

Do you want to clean up your selfies before sharing them on social media? With a tap of a finger, you can get rid of all the imperfections on your photos! Use Adobe Photoshop Express app to clean all blemishes, dirt, and dust from your selfies. You won’t have to launch Adobe Photoshop on your desktop for the healing brush tool when you have this app!

Check out this link to begin cleaning your photos:

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Add Text and Stickers

Insert stylish text boxes and fun stickers to your photos with Adobe Photoshop Express app. Choose from fifty styles and find the perfect text format for the image you want to achieve. Decorate even further with high quality clip art across nine different categories. This is perfect for memes, aesthetic photos, posters, and slogans!

Explore this feature with this link:

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Create Collages

Want to exhibit multiple photos at once? Use the intelligent collage generator of Adobe Photoshop Express app! Select up to nine photos and then neatly arrange them into stylish formats. Add color filters based on the photos you’re working with. Control border sizes and background designs. You can even embellish your image further with stickers and text!


Can’t wait to create your collage? Follow this link:

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Expert Photo Editor

Adobe Photoshop Express app gives you the easiest, fastest, and most powerful photo-editing experience on mobile devices. Instantly fix the alignment of your photos, access the essential tools for digital photo-adjustments, get rid of unwanted blemishes on your selfies, and create high-caliber collages! The power of Photoshop is now in your pocket. Download Adobe Photoshop Express!