A darkroom is a place where professional photographers process their films, manually adjusting the tones and hues of the photo to make it come out beautifully. And while darkrooms are slowly becoming a thing of the past, you can still create photos the same way with Darkroom- Photo Editor app!

Edit your photos to make it look like it was made in a darkroom. And it is easy to use! There’s no need to scratch your head over figuring out this app because using it will be a breeze!


Darkroom-Photo Editor

Darkroom-Photo Editor
Developed by : Bergen Co.

Edit Photo

Get creative with your photos! There’s no limit to how good you can make them look! Simply launch the app and grant photo access.

And then select a photo from your media library.

Crop your photo

  • You can manually crop by dragging the crop handles on the photo.

  • Choose different photo sizes by tapping “Aspect Ratio”.

  • Tap “Grid” to change grid sizes.

  • Invert the photo by tapping the invert button.

  • Prefer a landscape photo? Hit the rotate button!

  • You can change the perspective by selecting an angle you want and adjusting it with the slider.

  • Don’t like the results? Just hit Reset All”.

Choose a filter

  • There are lots of filters to choose from! Get started by using the Darkroom filter set.

  • Tap a filter and move the slider to adjust its strength.

Customize your filter

  • Adjust the filter’s brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation, vibrance, temperature, tint, fade, grain, vignette, and sharpness.

  • You can create your own filter! Just tap on Create Filter after making some changes.

Add a frame

  • Add a little vibrancy to your photo! Swipe to choose a color for the frame!

  • Adjust the size of the frame with the slider.

  • You can also choose different frame sizes!

Reset or Remove

  • Remove the edits by tapping on them.

  • You can also copy the edits to use them later!

  • Hit “Reset” to remove all edits.

Save and Share

Save your photos and share them for others to admire! Make it known to your friends how the Darkroom app can definitely make your photos look way better…

  1. Hit “Export” after editing the photo.

      2. Save your photo.

  • You may also modify the original photo. Don’t worry! You can revert it back anytime!

  • Change the export file format by tapping the settings button.

      3. Forgot to put a frame? You can still add one by tapping “Inset on Frame”!

      4. Use pre-made hashtags by turning on “Copy Hashtags”!

  • Just tap the hashtag set you want to use!

      5. Post your photo! Tap “Other Apps & Services…

      6. Tap the Facebook icon.

  • You may also post on other SNS!

      7. Hit “Post” when you’re ready!

  • You have posted your photo on Facebook!

Explore Darkroom-Photo Editor

Learn more about the app by exploring around!

Purchase Tools and Filters

Get the most out editing on this app! Polish your photos with the Curves and Color Tools. Choose from a huge selection of filters. The possibilities are endless!


No longer will you have to import photos into the app! Darkroom- Photo Editor will right away ask for your permission to access your gallery. You can just find and sort out your photos in the app!


If you have photos in your favorites album, it will show on the app! There is a separate page for your favorite photos so you can find them easily.


What’s great with this app is that you can still go back and edit multiple times! The app keeps all of the photos you’ve changed. No need to edit a photo over and over!

Edit with Ease!

With the Darkroom- Photo Editor app, you’ll be a photo editing pro in no time! The app can be easily understood even by beginners, and is flexible enough for you to get creative with. While there are lots of filters to choose from, you can customize and save the filters for future use. Its infinite edit history means you can go back anytime! Try out Darkroom- Photo Editor app and you’ll find that editing has become easier!