Lock and Home Screens for phones are usually not a big deal. But they should be! You wouldn’t want to see a boring wallpaper on your screen, right? If you are a certified millennial, then you must know that the generation has its own “aesthetics”. And you can see them on social media accounts, fashion styles, and of course… phone wallpapers.

Edited famous artworks, typography, doodles, celebrities, snaps, etc. Find whatever is “dope” for your iPhone in Dope Wallpapers HD!

Install Dope Wallpapers HD

Millennials are over the plain photography wallpapers. It’s time to put some emotions on them! This app has “dope” or cool wallpapers that artistically represent the generation.

Direct Link: Dope Wallpapers HD

Dope Wallpapers HD

Dope Wallpapers HD
Developed by : Milana Izaeva

Launch the App

1. Tap  to open the app.

2. Agree to the Terms of Service.

3. Welcome to Dope Wallpapers HD!

Get to Know the App

Dope Wallpapers HD has five tabs where you can find all the relatable images. Check them out and get ready to have a lit lock screen!


The app uploads new wallpapers every day. Visit this tab and you might convince yourself to change your wallpaper… even if you just changed it yesterday!


Wanna see what’s trending? Go to the Trending tab and browse away!


Who doesn’t want the dopest wallpapers for their phones? Nobody! Find out which wallpapers are currently the hottest.


If you have a specific theme in mind, find the perfect wallpaper in the Categories tab. Browse through Snaps, Quotes, Purp, Girls, Celebs, and Art.


In this tab, you can contact the developer for concerns and suggestions. You can also remove ads for a price and share the app link on your social media accounts.

Get your Dope Wallpaper

Once you’re done checking out the cool wallpapers, you can make it even cooler before you actually use it!

1. View your favorite wallpaper and choose an effect or a filter.

2. Satisfied? Tap the save button!

3. Allow the app to access your photos by tapping “OK”.

  • Dope wallpaper saved!

Set your Dope Wallpaper

Ready to have lit lock and home screens? Set the image as wallpaper!

1. View the image in your gallery and tap the share button.

2. Select and tap “Use as Wallpaper”.

3. Choose between “Still” and “Perspective”.

  • You may move and scale the image.

4. Press “Set”.

5. Set the image as Lock Screen, Home Screen, or both.

  • Dope wallpaper set!

Submit your Dope Wallpaper

As a cool kid, you probably have an eye for cool things. Submit your own dope wallpapers and have other cool kids use them too!

1. Tap the submit button on the upper right corner.

2. Select “Camera”.

  • You may upload an image from your gallery, too!

3. Allow the app to access your camera.

4. Press the capture button!

5. Tap “Use Photo”.

  • Tap “Retake” if you want to snap another photo.

6. Type in a nickname.

7. Hit “Upload”!

8. Dope photo submitted! Press “OK”.

The Millenial Way

Every time you use your phone, you will see your screen first. Don’t leave it dull! Use wallpapers that reflect your mood, favorites, and aesthetics. You deserve a lock screen that can make your friends say, “That’s dope, fam!” Find them all in Dope Wallpapers HD and always have a lit screen!