Do you want to make a still photo of a gown move with the wind? Unimaginable! Well, that would be a piece of cake if you animate your photos using the Enlight Pixaloop app! With this app, you can change the direction of the flowing water, defy gravity, or fly!

Sample Video

Excited to sprinkle some magic dust on your photos? Find out what Enlight Pixaloop can do and create a multitude of magical effects!


Enlight Pixaloop

Enlight Pixaloop
Developed by : Lightricks Ltd.

Make a New Project

Want to see and create amazing moving photos like those in the Harry Potter universe? With Enlight Pixaloop, fiction becomes reality! Bring your static images to life following these easy steps:

  1. Launch the app and tap the Projects button.

  1. Tap “New Project”.

  1. Import a photo from your camera roll.

You’re almost ready! Now that you’ve chosen the photo to animate, explore what’s inside the magic box…


“Animate” tools can make your photos twist and turn. Yes, you can make your photos move! And there’s more… you can also adjust the speed of the motion!


The Path” tool directs the motion of the photo’s subject. Draw a path and your desired action will follow.


The “Anchor” tool stops the animation directed by the Path tool. Tap the areas where you want to stay anchored.



When you feel like you set the wrong path or anchor, use “Remove”. Tap the arrows and anchors you want to remove. Press and hold the photo to remove the set effects all at once.


You think the turns are too slow? No problem! You can easily adjust the speed of the subject’s motion.



“Freeze” enables you to keep some subjects still. Shade the areas you want to freeze!


If you ever change your mind, just run to “Unfreeze”. You can also use this tool to refine the frozen area.


For more specific styles of bends and turns, “Loop” will give you what you want!

“Blend” captures uniform movements for your subjects. “Boomerang” makes a  back-and-forth movement. “Circular” drives the subjects to rotate like planets.



You can change the color of the skies and make it seem like you took the photo in a different hour (or a different era!). But you can still use the Sky” tool even if your subject doesn’t involve the sky at all. This tool can also be your filters!  


Add some more style! You can add flying butterflies, floating bubbles, embers, and a lot more filters.


Similar to stickers, the “Element” tool gives a little extra something to your photos. Add a butterfly, smoke, or even a stirring cup of coffee to your photo!

Camera FX

Never forget the person capturing the photo! Make it look like you are moving the camera by adding cinematic effects on your photo. Just swipe left or right to view all choices.


Publish your Animated Photo!

After adding all the creative effects on your photo, it’s time to save it! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap the Export button.

     2. Choose an aspect ratio.

  • Aspect Ratios: Original, 16:9, 1:1, 3:4, 9:16, 4:3
  1. Adjust the duration and quality of your animated photo.


      4. Tap “Export”.

  • Allow your project to publish …  

You saved a new project!

Share your Animated Photo!

Your photo memories will surely be even more magical when you spread the magic of Enlight Pixaloop app with your friends! Share your edits following these super simple steps:

  1. Select an SNS and then choose where to post your animated photo.

     2. Hit “Export”.

  1. Post it on “Your Story” or among “Close Friends”.

  • You may also send your animated photo as a message to a specific person.
  • You have shared your animated photo!

Animated Photo Edits!

Who doesn’t want to create a masterpiece and let everyone marvel in its beauty? Well, nothing’s impossible! Enlight Pixaloop app can make your imaginations come true. Your ideas will be seen in your photos and all of them will be magical. With Enlight Pixaloop, you will never run out of projects with just a pocketful of tricks!