Do you want to make your photos look like they were taken with an old-school camera? VSCO is the app for you! VSCO features presets, also called filters, that will make your pictures look like classic film photography.

Take photos and show off your vintage aesthetic by following this guide on how to use filters on VSCO!

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How to add filters to your photo

1. Tap   to open VSCO.

2. Open your Studio by tapping .


3. Select the photo you want to edit, then tap .


4. Choose a preset you like! You can swipe the bottom panel to see all the available presets. Once you have chosen, tap your selected preset.


5. Drag the slider to adjust the intensity of the preset. Tap the check mark when you are done.


6. Once you’re satisfied with your edit, tap “Save”.

Done! Your photo now has the classic feel!


VSCO preset guide

There are 10 pre-installed presets available for you to use upon downloading VSCO. Each preset has its own mood and style, so don’t be afraid to explore and experiment!


  • Black and White

This photo is edited with the B1 preset:


B5 preset:


  • Chromatic

C1 preset:


  • Mellow

F2 preset:


  • Portraits

G3 preset:


  • Mood

M3 preset:


M5 preset:


  • Instant

P5 preset:


  • Moody

T1 preset:


  • B&W Fade

X1 preset:


These are but a sneak peek of what VSCO has to offer. There are a lot more presets you can download or purchase at the VSCO shop!


How to download other filters from the VSCO shop

1. Open your Studio.

2. Tap “Shop” to open the VSCO shop.

3. Scroll down and choose from the various preset series available. You can opt to purchase or download free ones.



4. Your purchase or download will then be verified by the App Store. Tap “Get” if you wish to proceed.


If your purchase or download is successful, a pop-up message will appear.


You can now use your new preset! Go ahead and try it out in your Edit page.


Keep it classic!

We consider photos as keepsakes of memorable moments. Using VSCO filters can add a feeling of nostalgia to your pictures, as well as enhance your pictures! With these steps, you’ll be sure to achieve your aesthetic #goals.