Do you want to show off your memories on Instagram but you don’t how which photo editing app to use? You don’t really need tons of editing apps to post striking photos on your feed. You only need the best one! Ready to fill your Instagram feed with memories made even more astonishing? Get your hands on Instasize App and achieve your #FeedGoals!

Instasize is a “Photo Editor & Grid” app that optimizes your photos for Instagram. The app also has competitive photo-editing and collage features. If you want your posts to stand out, Instasize will take you to the top!


Instasize Photo Editor

Instasize Photo Editor
Developed by : Munkee Apps L.L.C.

Edit your Photos

Edit your photos to perfection with Instasize! Simply launch the app, tap on the “+” button, and select your photo to get started!

1. Filters

Make your photo Instagram-ready by adding filters! All you have to do is select a filter from the following: Coast, Tiki, Oak, Tokyo, Bark, Lincoln, 1989, Hiro, Hula, and Radio.

    • Use the slider to adjust the intensity.

    • Unlock the rest of the filters and other tools by going Premium!

2. Format & Crop

Don’t want to crop or change your photo while uploading it on social media? There’s no need to when you’re editing with Instasize! You can choose from the following formats: Original, Square, Story, IG Full, and Landscape.

    • Use the slider to adjust the format size.

    • Tap “CROP” to crop, angle, and skew your photo.

    • You may also crop your photo with the following aspect ratios: Original, Custom, 1:1, 2:3, 3:2, 3:4, 4:3, 4:5, 5:4, 9:16, and 16:9.

    • Set your photo’s angle with the slider.

    • Hit “RESET” to reset the angle

    • You may also use “Skew” to change your photo’s perspective.

3. Details & Retouch

Have your photo look like real life by editing its details! In here you can edit the Exposure, Contrast, Lux, Brightness, Sharpness, Saturation, Tint, Temperature, Vignette, Shadows, Highlights, and Grain.

    • You may also enhance your selfies in the “RETOUCH” tab by editing out your acne, adding vibrance, whitening your teeth, applying a tan and glow, and smoothen facial areas.

4. Border

You can also add in a frame for your photo! From solid colors to unique patterns, there’s no shortage of border style you can choose. So get creative!

    • Under the “PHOTO” tab, you can select a photo from your media library as a frame.

    • You may also set the photo frame as Photo or Blur.

    • Use the slider to adjust the border size.

5. Collage

Aside from editing your photos on the app, you may also compile them into a collage! You can have up to six photos in your collage, so make the most out of it!

    • You can select the collage templates under “TWO”; “THREE”; “FOUR”; “FIVE”; and “SIX” tabs.

    • To add a photo, tap “+”.

    • Tap “None” to remove the collage.

6. Text

Ever wanted to have your photo look like those artistic photos with quotes on Tumblr? Then add some text to it! Just double tap the text to edit it.

    • Tap “Add Text” to add more text to edit.

    • You may change the text’s font face in “FONTS”.

    • Have the text look dynamic and creative in “STYLES”.

    • You may also change the text’s “COLOR”.

    • Pinch the text to resize it.

  • You have edited your photo with Instasize!

Show your Photo

Now that you’ve edited your photo to be Instagram-ready, it’s time to post it on social media! Just follow the steps below:

1. Hit the Export button.

2. Tap “Save to camera roll”.

    • You have saved your photo to your camera roll.

3. Share your edited photo on Instagram! Tap on the photo and select the Export button.

4. Select “Share”

And choose “Instagram”.

    • You may also share your edited photo on other SNS.

5. Add a caption.

6. Hit “Share”.

    • You have posted your photo on Instagram!

Free Editing for Your Feed!

Instasize Photo Editor will definitely help you achieve a fabulous Instagram feed! With so many useful and understandable tools, you’ll have fun editing your photo. Ready to beautify your Instagram feed? Start with your photos and let Instasize do the magic!