Editing photos can be pretty exhausting. Some apps have tons of tabs… and you don’t even know how some of them work! Would it be better to have an app that has a simple interface and can get your work done in a flash? This app may just save you a lot of time!

Install Photo Editor-

This app has everything you need for a photo editing. Anyone can learn to use the app in a jiffy! It has a wide selection of stickers, frames, and grids. Plus, creating a collage here is simple!

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Photo Editor-

Photo Editor-
Developed by : Axiem Systems

Get Started

The app has a simple interface and navigating it is a piece of cake. Unlike other editing apps, this one has a few tabs for you to explore.


You can upload photos from your gallery and edit them in the app. Just go to this tab!


Facing a beautiful scenery right now? You can take a photo of it using your phone’s camera!


Featured App

Photo Editor- also suggests other photo editing apps. Check them out in this tab!


Check out the app’s wide grid selection. You’ll surely find a perfect one for you here.

  • Locked grids are to be purchased.


Share your photos to different SNS accounts right after you edit them!


You can remove ads in the Settings. You can even rate Photo Editor- and check out other great apps!.

Edit Photos

Now that you’ve seen Photo Editor-’s features, time to use it! Edit your photos and see what else you can do.

1.  Select a photo.

2. “Enhance” the quality of your Photos.

  • Low-quality photos? Just tap Hi-Def. You can also try other enhancement tools such as Scenery, Food, Portrait, and Night.

3. Add “Effects”.

  • Find and select the best filters for your photo.

4. “Crop” your photo.

  • If you feel that your photo is too big, change it to your preferred size by moving the bars.

5. “Adjust” the overall colors of your photo.

  • Need to brighten the shadows or add a tint? You can adjust them all in this tab.

6. Change the photo’s “orientation”.

  • Do you think your photo will look better the other way? Flip your photos here.

7. Add a “text”.

  • You can change your text’s font and color, and add as many texts as you want.

8. “Draw” on your photo.

  • Add some quick doodles on your photo, using different colors and pen sizes.

9. “Sharpen” lines and shapes.

  • Emphasize everything in your photos by adjusting the sharpness of details.

10. “Blur” your photo.

  • Blur out some parts of your photo by brushing over them.

11. Adjust the “focus”.

  • Choose between Radial and Linear and emphasize your subject. The rest of the photo will be blurred out.

12. Add “Vignette”.

  • Add more focus on your subject by darkening the sides and corners of your photo.

13. Put stickers” and add “frames”.

The app has fun and popular stickers! Try them out and add some art to your photos. The frames can also add to the charm.

14. Improve your photo.

  • Produce a clearer photo by making your subject clean and clear with Blemish. If you took a picture at night time and your eyes turned red, you can blacken them out with Redeye. Make your teeth and eyes whiter here too using Whiten.
  1. Hit “Done”!

  • Photo edited and saved!

Create a Collage

Is it not enough to show off just one edited photo? Create a collage in Photo Editor- and be amazed at how easy it is!

1. Select a grid.

2. Tap each frame to add your photos.

  • You can upload one from your gallery or snap a new one.  You can also edit your photos or remove them.

3. Hit “Style” to add colors and pattern on your collage.

  • You can also soften the edges of your boxes here.

  1. Change the size of your collage.

  • Choose from 1:1, 3:2, 4:3, 2:3 and 3:4.

  1. Save your collage on your phone!

  • You have saved your collage!

Share Your Photos

You won’t have any troubles saving your collages and editing photos in this app. Once you’ve finished creating them, the app will save them instantly. Now, it’s time to share those photos to the world.

1. Tap the share button.

2. Select the photo you want to share.

3. Select Twitter.

  • You may also choose the other compatible SNS apps.

4. Add a caption to your post.

5. Tap Tweet!

  • Photo posted!

Effortless Editing

Tired of all those complicated photo editing apps? Once you use Photo Editor-, you will never want to try figuring out other photo-editing apps again. In this app, the tabs are easy to use and the tools are simple!  Also, creating a collage is a piece of cake. What more can you ask for? Edit your photos effortlessly in Photo Editor-!