This is the age where taking selfies, amateur photography, becoming an Instagram content creator or even a curator are popular. Taking a photo doesn’t just need a good camera, or phone, and creativity. You also need is a photo editing app that has been around for a long time.

Install Retrica

Retrica is a free mobile app available both for iOS and Android. This app will help you take perfect selfies. With its multiple yet easy to use editing tools, the app will let you improve the quality of your photos in no time!

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Developed by : Retrica, Inc.

Save and  Share

After adding all the necessary stickers and filters to your photo, save your photo on your phone and even share it on SNS.

1. Tap the “save” button.

Image Saved!

2. After saving your photo on your device, tap the share button.

3. Tap Instagram.

You can also choose other SNS apps compatible with this app.

4. Add a caption.

You can also tag people, and add location to your account.

5. Tap Share.

Image Shared!

More from Retrica

Retrica offers more than just snapping a photo and then editing it. Check out other functions and features it has.


You can snap 2 or more photos and create a collage while snapping a selfie.


You can create your very own Gif with Retrica.

Click to open GIF!


With all the updates, users can finally shoot a video with the app.

Exploring Retrica

Before you snap a new selfie or photo, explore Retrica and get to know its amazing features.


There are four creative things you can do with the camera. You can snap a new photo, collage, create a gif, or even a video.


You can find your photos here.

The Collection

You can download additional filters to get better photos.



If you want to adjust your photo before snapping a new one, you can do it here. You can turn on or off the Auto Save mode, and set the timer up to 10 seconds. If you need a light, you can just turn on the torch. You can also add a Blur or Vignette effect to your photo.

You can also find the Settings for this app.

Screen Dimensions

Adjust the screen dimensions here.


Before snapping for a new photo, add a filter first. You can choose from tons of different filters to go with your aesthetic.


This is where you can find photos from other Retrica users, and find out more about your followers.


Want to have a private conversation with some of your followers? Message them and make new friends.


Once you’ve created your account, the app will immediately create your profile. You can see your posts, number of followers and even change your profile picture here. Treat this as an SNS account and show your creative side to your followers!

Express Yourself!

Retrica has always been the go-to photo editing app for everyone. And as years pass by, this app has evolved to really cater to your needs.  From taking photos, anyone can finally create their short videos here. Explore the app more and express yourself through your awesome creations with Retrica.