Are you a fan of retro games, or old computer OS? Do you want to go back in a time where pixelated and Betamax are still the trend? Try it in your photos! With this app, you can transform your photos into one of those retro computer game graphics that everyone feels nostalgic about.

Install Retrospecs Apps

Retrospecs is an app that will let you convert your photos and videos as to how they would look like back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s home computer, and consoles.

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Developed by : John Parker

Convert your Photo

After exploring Retrospecs. You are now ready to edit your photo. Start by choosing a photo from your gallery.

  • Or snap a new one.


Choose the perfect system you want your photo to transform into.

  • Swipe left or right to check out the other systems.

  • You can also go premium if you want to unlock all of the amazing systems available.


You can find the perfect mode for your photo here.

  • Choose how many colors to be shown in your photo. Every mode has a different effect on your photo.

  • Each system has a different set of modes.


Reduce the color range of your photo in Dither.

  • You can choose from Floyd-Steinberg, Atkinson, Checkerboard, Bayer 8×8 and Horizontal.

  • Adjust the dither level of your photo by dragging the toggle bar left or right.


There are still more options and effects here that you can apply to your photo.


  • Scroll up if you want to adjust the Low light Compensations, turn on or off the Vibrancy boost, Contrast boost, adjust the Noise, Image corruption, Attribute corruption, Scanlines, Phosphor glow, Chroma shift, and you can even turn on or off the Serpentine dithering.


Familiar with the basic tools of editing? Well, the app has them too! You can still adjust some features of your photo here.

  • Adjust the Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, and Hue.

  • Press Apply after adjusting your photo.


Don’t like the size of your photo? You can crop it to the size you want!

  • Freely crop your photo.

  • Press “Crop” after cropping your photo.

Then, tapSave.

Checked out the saved photo.

Share your photo

1. Choose the photo you want to share.

2. Tap the share button.

  • Choose an sns app.

3. Add a caption.

  • Choose the people you want to send the photo.

4. Tap Send.

Message sent!

Exploring Retrospecs

Before you edit your photo or video, explore Retrospecs.  The app has a simple interface and the functions are easy to use.


You can check your account here and even activate and deactivate some functions.


Choose a photo from your library.




Snap a new photo to edit by tapping the camera icon.

The camera feature in this app has other cool functions that will make your photo snapping easier. Check them out!


No need to check your phone camera’s settings. You can just turn the flash on or off from this app.

Front and Rear Camera.

Switch your camera style from front to rear and vice versa.

Capture Button

Press to snap a new photo.


You can also access your saved photos here.

Bitmap Magic!

There’s nothing wrong with some old school loving even on your photos. There are several photo editing apps that offer nostalgic filters but this app has a wide selection of them! Have fun playing around with Retrospecs and continue to discover what more it has to offer. Enjoy the nostalgia and let those pixels and bitmap bring out the child in you.