Instagram has become the home for users with their own aesthetics. Not only can you share your photos, but you can also do it in a beautiful and creative way. How so? With Unfold- Create Stories App of course!

Showcase your photos on Instagram in a sleek and professional way! Get Unfold- Create Stories and place your photos in minimalistic and beautiful templates. Create an Instagram Story that everyone will call #FeedGoals!


Unfold - Create Stories

Unfold – Create Stories
Developed by: Unfold Creative

Ready to turn your ordinary photos into extraordinary stories? This is where you start! Talk about your experiences through your photos and captions in the most creative way!

1. Tap “+” to create a Story.

2. Name your Story…

And tap “Create”.

    • To rename your Story, go back to the Stories pages and press the Edit button.

3. Tap “+” to add a Page to your Story.

4. Select a template.

5. Add a photo.

    • You may also use free sample photos from the Unsplash tab.

    • You may add more Pages by tapping the “+” button.

6. Double-tap to add text.

    • You may change the font, format, and text size.

7. Tap the Menu button and change the template color.

    • You may also add more texts or delete the Page.

8. Rearrange your Pages for a better narrative.

    • You have made a Story!

Share Your Story

Creating a Story is only half the journey! Share your creativity on Instagram by posting your stories online!

1. Save your Unfold Story.

    • You may also save the Pages individually.
    • Your Story has been saved!


And select “Your Story”.

    • You may post an Instagram Story for your “Close Friends” or “Send To” specific users.
    • You have shared your Unfold Story!

Unfold Store

Support the app by checking out the designers’ other templates. Visit the Store and purchase more templates to create even more unique stories!


There’s nothing more soulful than simplicity and elegance. The Clasico Series 1 pack is free and available. Start your Unfold experience with these templates!


CS1 isn’t the only pack with the minimalistic and sleek design. The Clasico Series 2 has fifteen more templates that can catch anyone’s attention!


Similar to CS1 and CS2, Clasico Series 3 maintains the minimal and elegant look. Get this pack and present your story in the simplest yet beautiful output.


Are you a fan of Polaroid photos and films? Film Frames 1 is a pack inspired by analog photography.


The Ripped Paper 1 pack is for the “creative rebels”. These templates have the “ripped paper” effect, adding impressive creative touches to your stories.

Font Selection 1

Adding texts to your photos can drastically improve the quality of your Stories. Take a look at these new fonts and spice up your Pages by adding them in!


Millennials and Gen Z kids can now fully express themselves with these templates! Purchase the Digital Wave 1 pack and create photos that say “digital aesthetic”!

Tommy Hilfiger

The famous clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger has collaborated with Unfold-Create Stories, bringing new and fabulous limited edition templates. Download the pack and create photos that ooze style!

Templates for Your Instagram Stories!

Instagram users have already been using Unfold- Create Stories for their Instagram Stories. It’s undeniably the best app for simple yet attractive posts! With Unfold- Create Stories, you can create the most attractive Instagram Stories that’ll keep people hooked. So put your photos and thoughts in the well-designed templates and watch your story unfold!