Have you ever noticed streaks and patches of light on photos and wondered how it was captured? Well most of the time, these are light effects that photographers add to enhance their pictures. With Lens Distortions, you can improve your photos with lens flares and natural light effects, just like a pro!

Install Lens Distortions®

Lens Distortions is a photo enhancing application that specializes in light effects. Punctuate your photos with flares, shimmers, and rays of sunlight. Heighten the mood of your pictures with fog, rain, and snow effects. Craft your perfect photo with the high quality effects of the app!

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Lens Distortions®

Lens Distortions®
Developed by : Lens Distortions, LLC

Launch Lens Distortions®

  1. Tap   to open Lens Distortions.
  2. Allow access to your photos and you’re ready!

  • You can play an introductory video or you can start editing immediately.

Enhance Your Photo

Lens Distortions® offers at least forty-five unique filters to upgrade your photo. Make your photos shine and sparkle with filters from nine different groups, each with five high quality effects to choose from! Get started now…

Classic Light Hits

Overlay your photos with natural light effects!

Principle Light Hits

Paint your photos with vibrant lens flares!



Give your photos a glassy tint!



Draw attention to your subjects with subtle lens blurs!


Fog II

Create depth to your photos by adding realistic fog effects!



Set the mood with authentic rain effects!



Feel the emotion with exceptional snow effects!



Decorate your photos with fragments of light!



Intensify your photo with blazing ring effects!



Adjust the Effects

Lens Distortions® filters are expertly crafted to enhance your photos while maintaining the realistic aspect. The effects themselves are subtle enough, but you can modify and fine-tune these overlays until you reach your desired result!

Add New Layer

Improve your photo effects by stacking filters upon each other!


  • You can select up to three at the same time!
  • You can delete an effect by swiping the layer to the left and tapping “remove”.


Smoothen the edges of your effects!

  • Simply drag the bar to adjust the softness.


Make your photos gleam with light!


Regulate the visibility of your filters!


Modify the shadows and highlights of the effects!


Customize the intensity of your effects!


Paint your effects with different natural colors!


Invert your effects to face another direction!

Save your Photos!

Who knew that a photo editing app that offers high quality, professional grade overlays would be straightforward and easy to use? Show off your fine-tuned photos to your friends by saving and sharing your edits!

  1. Tap the share button.

  2. Select “Save Image”.

  • Your photo has been saved!

  1. You may also select an SNS and share your photo.

  • You have shared your photo!

Expert Touches to your Images!

Not every photo editing app offers high quality filters, taken by professional photographers, and made available for absolutely free! Highlight your photos now. Take a perfect photo and heighten its quality with the realistic light effects by Lens Distortions®!