Taking photographs has become quite the pastime for many people, especially now that cameras are easily accessible. It wasn’t long ago when photography was limited to those who could get their hands on a bulky camera. Today, you could just reach into your pocket and easily take a picture with your phone!

You might start out taking photos of the things you like for fun. But in the long run, you could develop your skills in photography, and eventually earn a seat at the table with professional photographers! All you need is your camera phone and this guide to camera apps for beginners.


What better way to hone your photography skills than to join a community with like-minded members? With over thirty million members across the platform, CEO Joel Flory describes the VSCO community as “growing and here to stay.” Take part in the exciting features of this camera and photo editing app!

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Control, Capture, Enhance

Turn your life into a movie by capturing your favorite moments using the VSCO app! This camera app allows you to manually control white balance, shutter speed, and ISO so you can adjust to the conditions of the subject you’re photographing.

Once you’ve captured a photo, enhance your photos with preset VSCO filters to achieve a classic Hollywood film effect! You can even adjust the intensity of the effects to make your photo enhancements appear subtle, yet beautiful. Find the perfect balance and foster your own aesthetic!

Discover and Share

The VSCO community is teeming with passionate smartphone photographers! Does a person take photos that speak to you? Follow them for more content!


Show off snapshots of your life to other users by sharing your perfectly-captured and expertly-enhanced images!

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If you want to join an even larger photography community, try Instagram! With nearly five hundred million daily users, Instagram is one of the most prominent social networks for photo sharing. Although Instagram mainly functions as a social network, its built-in camera application includes a variety of filters from classy and elegant to cute and fun!

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Fleeting and Lasting Moments

Double the fun with two sharing options by Instagram! Your best days might have perfect moments that need to be commemorated. Instagram allows you to share snapshots with “Instagram Stories”, which everyone can view for one whole day. You can pick out the best moments in your life to post on your profile!

Take snapshots of your day for your story!

  • Your stories will be available for viewing for 24 hours.

Camera Modes

Share your moments the fun way with eight different camera formats to spruce up your picture-taking experience. Apply filters while you take pictures with the “normal” camera mode, and add captions to your snapshots with “text”. You can even record short clips to make looping motion pictures!


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Explore the editing process of professional photographers with the convenience of your own phone. The Snapseed camera is pretty straightforward with a single photo capture mode. Snapseed is predominantly a photo editing application with a wide range of professional yet easy-to-use tools, available and suitable for beginners. No need to transfer your photos to your desktop. Edit your pictures with this remarkable app!

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Developed by : Google, Inc.

Take a Picture

Launching Snapseed will immediately ask you to tap anywhere to open a photo to edit. Choose one from your gallery or take a picture with its classic single button camera!

Filter and Alter

Once you have selected a photo, elegant filters and professional editing tools will be put at your disposal. Apply preset “looks” to change the mood of your photos and use tools tweak the finer details!

You can also view and modify the edits you’ve applied to your photo!

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iPhone Camera

With the overwhelming amount of camera apps today, finding the best one to start with could be confusing. But there’s no need to worry! Your iPhone already has a camera app pre-installed in its system and it’s pretty efficient as it is.

Capture Modes

Your iPhone camera app has six camera formats. You can take regular photos with minimal refinements, equal-sided square photos, and scenic panorama photos.

For videos, you have the option to record regularly, in slow-motion, and even create a time-lapse! All of these are instantly available when you launch your iPhone camera app!

Photo Adjustments

Adjust the quality of your photos with essential photo editing tools. Crop and rotate your images, choose from ten preset filters, and balance the light, color, and black and white levels of your photo!

Paint your Pictures

Doodle on your photos! Use a pen, marker, or pencil to scribble designs on your photos.

Capture Your Worldview!

Reveal your unique outlook of the world by playing a part in the smartphone photography community. Explore and experiment with these camera apps! VSCO encourages users to share their personal aesthetics through their photography community. Instagram provides a platform to exhibit your favorite experiences. Snapseed offers easy access to professional tools. And you can always count on your original iPhone Camera!

These are some of the best camera apps to help budding photographers grow. Which one do you feel will nurture you the most? Learning the tools of the trade is a necessary step in honing your abilities and creativity in photography. If you allow your talents to foster, you’ll easily take photos that could be displayed in galleries!