Ever since it was launched, Facebook Messenger had become a very popular app worldwide. At first, it was basically just about chatting. But now, you can use it for SMS and you can even play games!

What’s more interesting is the “Secret Conversation” feature. All the conversations in the app are already private, right? Well, make it even more private! Talk to your friends through an end-to-end encrypted conversation on Facebook Messenger and see how it can help you…

Create a Secret Conversation


1. Tap the search bar.

  • If you’ve already conversed with the person that you want to have a secret conversation with, you can directly tap on your conversation from the list.

2. Type in the name of the person that you want to have a secret conversation with.

3. Press the name of the person.

4. Select “Secret Conversation”.

  • Ready for a secret conversation!

New Conversation

1. Create a new conversation.

2. Tap “Secret”.

3. Select a friend.

  • Start sending secret messages!


Send a Secret Message

1. Type your secret message!

  • Secret conversations have a lock icon on the bottom right part of the profile picture.

2. Press the timer…

And set the time limit!

  • If you choose “Off”, your secret message will not disappear from the conversation.

3. Press “Done”.

And hit send!

4. Secret message sent!

  • If you set a timer for a message, the message will disappear after being viewed.

  • When the message’s time is up, you will not find a trace of it anymore!

A Secret or Two!

Apparently, you can’t view secret conversations on PC. If you’ve logged in your Facebook Messenger account in more than one device, you may be notified and in all devices. This feature is helpful in many ways. And nobody will know about it—not even Facebook!

If you just want to make sure that nobody will read about your secret, have a secret conversation! And to make your secret 101% safe, make it disappear like you never sent it at all. Learn to keep a secret or two with Facebook Messenger’s Secret Conversations and use it wisely!