Facebook Messenger is one of the most used apps for communicating. From work tasks to simple get-togethers, you message your friends for reminders and inquiries. You even talk about your plans on Messenger! But what if your plans get lost in the conversation? You don’t want to back read, do you? Use the app’s “Plans” feature to make sure that your meet-ups happen!

Set a Plan

Want to meet up with your friends? Set your plans on Messenger!

1. View your conversation.

2. Tap the  button.

3. Select “Plans”.

4. Set the date and time.

5. Hit “Save”.

    • You have set a plan on Messenger!

    • You will be reminded of the scheduled plan an hour before the set time!

Name your Plan

Add more details! Let your friends know what’s gonna happen by naming your plan.

1. Tap “Name Plan”.

2. Type in a plan name.

3. Hit “Save”.

    • You have named your plan!

Edit your Plan

Change of plans? Edit your set schedule on Messenger to keep your friends updated.

1. Tap on the plan.

    • You may also tap the reminder on top of the conversation.

2. Select the plan name to edit.

3. Tap the time and date to make some changes.

4. Did something come up? Inform your friends that you “Can’t Go”.

5. Is everyone too busy? Cancel the plan by tapping “Delete Plan”.

Start a Plan, Be Ahead of Time!

No need to repeat your reminders. Let Messenger constantly remind you and your friends of your meet-ups! Set a plan and customize it with your friends. Name it, and see who can and can’t go. Plan ahead of time with Facebook Messenger!