Sometimes, sending a message is just not enough. You would want to instantly hear what your friends have to say about your latest life update. Hangouts has got your back! Listen to your best friend’s advice, and talk all night long! Enjoy unlimited calls on Hangouts… for FREE!

Make a Call

  1. Go to Calls.

  1. Dial a number.

  • You may also go to your Contacts.
  • You are calling a friend! Wait for her to answer and then you can talk all night long.

  • If your friend doesn’t use Hangouts, you will be charged $0.12 per minute.
  1. Turn on the video feature so you can see each other!

  • You can mute the audio and switch the camera view.

  1. Double the fun! Add more friends to your call!

Unlimited calls!

A moment with a friend is always a time well-spent! You don’t always get to see your favorite people, but with Google Hangouts, you can feel like you’re in the same room. Hear and see each other regardless of the distance! Talk all you want with as many friends as you want! Don’t worry, so long as you have Hangouts, catching up will never cost a thing!