Snapchat is a one-of-a-kind messaging app. Unlike other apps, users can send photos or videos that can be viewed only for a short time in Snapchat. These posts disappear after 24 hours! It is for sharing stories in an interactive multimedia way. Snapchat has in-app filters, emoji or avatar creator, special effects, live video recording and other interesting features. That’s why it’s so popular!

Snapchat users can share posts publicly or privately. Of course, not everyone is that always open to other people in social media. With that, Snapchat provides a feature that lets the users manage the views of their posts. To know more about this important feature, let’s start with the basics:

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Log in to your account.

  1. Tap the to open the Snapchat app.
  2. Press .
  3. Enter your username and password. Tap “Log In”.


Change your Snapchat Privacy Settings.

There are three types of privacy settings on Snapchat app: “Everyone Can View,” “Only My Friends can view,” and “Custom.

Everyone can view

This setting is very commonly used by celebrities and other popular Snapchat users. It allows you to share your stories and posts to everyone. Here’s how to make your posts viewable by public:

  1. Take a photo or video and then tap the profile icon at the upper-left corner in the Capture Image Screen.

  • You will be redirected to your Profile page.

  1. Scroll down to “My Story” and then tap the .

3. You will see three options. Tap “Everyone can view” to make your post public.

4. By tapping “Okay”, your story will be available to all Snapchat users.

  • Your post is now public!

Only My Friends can view

Some Snapchat users are not really comfortable about sharing their activities to strangers. Of course, Snapchat can be used mainly just to interact with friends. Here’s how to activate this setting:

  1. Go to “My Story” in your Profile page.
  2. Tap the 

3. Tap “Only My Friends can view”.

  • After selecting this option, you are now free to post as many stories as you like without worrying about strangers!


This privacy option allows Snapchat users to manually manage who can or cannot view their posts. If you want to share your stories only to specific people in your friends list, you can use this setting.

  1. Tap the  button beside “My Story” in your profile page. Next, tap “Custom.

2. Before you can proceed to your friends list, a dialog box for confirmation will appear. Tap “Okay”.

3.  After confirming the ”Custom” option, you will be redirected to your friends list. Tap the white box beside the name of the Friend whom you want to hide your post from. You will see the  icon.

  • Well done! Now your selected friend can no longer view your Snapchat stories.
  • Take note that when you register for an account in Snapchat, the default privacy setting of your Stories is Only My Friends can view.”

Make Use of Your Account Management.

Yes, our generation is very active and updated when it comes to trends. But if there are days when you feel like the world doesn’t need to hear from you, it’s okay! You can certainly enjoy Snapchat as much as you can, but don’t forget that the privacy settings are there for a reason. Now, you can post stories for everyone! But if some stories are just really meant for specific users, customize!