A chat with a friend, even just a short one, can help you get through a rough day. You’ll need a messaging app that offers everything you need. And of course, you would want to avail a messaging app that’s free! Google Hangouts is what you’re looking for!

Create a Message

How many deals did you close today? Celebrate with your friends on Hangouts! You definitely deserve a chill time, and Hangouts is the most convenient messaging app to help you plan your events! Shoot a message to your friends!  

  1. Go to Hangouts and tap the “+” icon.

  1. Select a recipient.

  1. Type your message.

  • You can also send or attach media files!

  1. Hit the send button.

  • You have sent a message with Hangouts!

Message all you want!

You have sent a message to your friend in just a few taps! With the right messaging app, you can easily plan your events and hang out with everyone anytime you want. Stress-free and easy-to-use messaging app? Yes, you’re talking about Hangouts!