Snapchat keeps users connected with each other through snaps. And guess what? Thanks to the filters, the app has never been boring! Of course, the other features are equally exciting. But the filters just really capture the users.


Who hasn’t taken an adorable snap with the dog filter? Probably no one! Nobody can resist those dog ears, nose, and tongue. Tempted to try it yourself? Here’s how?


Try the Dog Filter on a Friend!

Do you want to try the dog filter without really taking a selfie? Try it on a friend instead!  


  1. Tap  to open your Snapchat.
  2.  Tap the smiley beside the capture button.

  1. All available filters will show up. Swipe left or right to find the dog filter.

  • Look for  and Snapchat will automatically detect the face.
  1. When the filter appears, tap the capture button.

  • The dog tongue will only appear if the subject will stick his or her tongue out!
  1. Captured!

  • You may save the photo to your phone…

  • Or send it as a public or private snap!

Take your own selfie with the dog filter! 

Try the dog filter yourself! You may go solo or grab a friend, and then follow these steps:

  1. Switch to front cam, and then tap the smiley beside the capture button.

  1. Swipe to find the dog filter.

  1. Once the filter appears, tap the capture button!

  1.  Captured!

  • You may save the photo, post it as a story, or send it as a private snap!

Who let the dogs out?

Snapchat has a lot more filters, but the dog filter just doesn’t get old.  Want to save it? Post it? Or send it as a snap? Go ahead! Take as many cute photos as you can with the dog filter. And don’t forget to let your friends join!