You thought Snapchat couldn’t get any more fun? Well, now they’ve updated with the Friendship Profile to upgrade your multimedia messaging experience! Meet up with your friends with the Snap Map and find all the pictures you’ve saved in your Chat with them. Stay connected with your friends like never before with this new update!

View Friendship Profile

Find out how tight you are with your friends with the Friendship Profile. Follow these steps to see the statistics of your relationship on Snapchat:

  1. Launch Snapchat app and then swipe right.

  1. Tap on your friend’s icon.

  • You are now viewing your Friendship Profile!

  • Can’t tap a profile picture without opening their Snaps? Just press and hold their icon…

And hit “View Friendship”.

  • You are now viewing your Friendship Profile!

Snap Map

Meet up with your friend! Request their location or send them yours to find the best place where you can hang out.

Saved in Chat

You won’t have to worry about losing data or scrolling up just to find the photos you’ve shared with your friends. With the Friendship Profile, you can go through the pictures saved in your Chat!

Chat Attachments

Looking for that website you told your friend about that one time? Here, you can find all the links, addresses, usernames, and other attachments in your Chat!


Celebrate your friendship with special mementos! Earn different charms based on your relationships with your friends and how you interact with each other.

  • This feature is currently available to Snapchatters on iOS only.

Keep Them Close!

Keep your friends close with Snapchat’s Friendship Profile! Easily find each other with the Snap Map, find all the photos, links, and addresses you’ve saved in Chat, and celebrate your relationship with fun Charms. The fun just never ends with Snapchat… as long as it finds ways to keep you connected with your friends!