Bored of your old Snapchat lenses? Looking for something with a little more variety and interaction? Try using Snapchat’s Lens Explorer feature! Discover creative user-made lenses in its endless selection and engage in fun challenges with the whole Snapchat community!

Open Lens Explorer

Want to expand your lens tray? Discover a whole new assortment of user-made lenses on Lens Explorer!

  1. Tap on the smiley face to activate Lens Carousel.

       2. Tap on the double-smiley icon.

  • Welcome to Lens Explorer!


Find the perfect lens for you! Explore the wide selection of lenses created by other Snapchat users!

  1. Go to the search bar.

      2. Enter a keyword.

  • You can tap “Show More” to view more lenses!

      3. Select a lens you like and then tap “Try Lens”.

      4. Snap away!


Want to spice up your Snapchat experience? Try out the trendiest lens challenges with the whole Snapchat community!

  1. Browse the snaps under “Lens Challenges”.

      2. Select a challenge.

      3. Hit “Join Challenge”.

  • You can also watch snaps by other users who have taken the challenge!

      4. Snap a photo or video.

  • You have taken a Snapchat Challenge!

Community Lens Stories

Snapchat has given its users the ability to make the most creative lenses! Browse through them all and engage in the fun!

  1. Browse the snaps under “Community Lens Stories”.

  • Want to try a lens immediately? Browse the lenses under “Community Lenses” then tap on a lens to automatically add it to your lens tray.

      2. Tap a story.

  • Each story tile is a compilation of people who have used the same Snapchat lens.  

      3. Tap “Try Lens”.

       4. Snap away!

  • The community lens will be added to your lens tray. It will be available for 24 hours.
  • You may also remove the community lens manually.

Explore Endlessly!

There’s more where that came from! With more and more lenses added to Snapchat everyday, browsing will be fun because you know there’s always something exciting in store for you. Explore user-made lenses with Lens Explorer and build the funniest and coolest stories for the whole Snapchat community to see!