SNS truly helps you stay connected with your friends and loved ones. They can simply search for your name and you can start a conversation, regardless of time and distance. To make things even easier, Messenger gives you QR codes! Save some extra time and find people on Messenger just by scanning. Scan, discover, and connect!

Your Messenger QR Code

Every Messenger user has a unique QR code! Launch the Messenger app and follow these simple steps to find yours:

  1. Go to your Messenger Profile.

  1. Tap your profile photo.

  • You have found your Messenger QR Code!

Edit your Messenger QR Code

Did you recently change your profile photo? You can generate a brand new Messenger QR code to match! Follow these steps to get one instantly:

  1. Tap your current QR Code.

  1. Tap “Reset Code”.

  1. Hit “Reset”.

  • You have reset your Messenger QR Code!

  • Changing your profile photo will not affect your current Messenger QR Code but you may update the code anytime. Your old QR Code will be invalid upon resetting.

Share your Messenger QR Code

Help your friends find you much easier! Follow these easy steps to share your unique QR code on SNS:

  1. Tap your QR Code.

  1. Tap “Share Image”.

  • You may also tap the Export button instead.

  1. Tap “Twitter”.

  • You may also share your Messenger QR code on other SNS.
  1. Enter a caption and then hit “Tweet”.

  • You have shared your Messenger QR code on Twitter!

Save your Messenger QR Code

Keep a copy of your unique QR code in your camera roll and use it whenever and wherever you are!

  1. Tap your QR Code.

  1. Hit “Save Image”.

  • You have saved your Messenger QR code to your media library!

Scan a Messenger QR Code

If your friends have shared their QR codes on SNS, you can also scan to find them on Messenger! Follow these steps to find out how:

  1. On your QR Code screen, tap “Scan Code”.

  1. Fit the QR code into the highlighted region.

  • You have scanned a Messenger QR code!

Easy Access!

Making new friends on Messenger is much easier using the QR codes! Save them the hassle of typing out your name by sharing your unique code. This way, they can simply scan and instantly find you. Try out Messenger QR codes for easier access today!