Wanna take a snap with a friend? You’ll need to hold on to that capture button to record everything. Such a downer! It would be nice to go hands-free on Snapchat, but the app doesn’t really have that feature for now. Well, it’s not completely impossible! Learn the trick and go hands-free on your snaps!

Manage your Device Settings

This simple trick starts with your phone. There’s only one way to go hands-free!

  1. Go to your phone’s settings.

  1. Select  “General”.

  1. Tap “Accessibility”.

  1. Select “AssistiveTouch”

And activate the feature.

  • The Assistive button   will appear on your screen. It will not be visible when you take screenshots.
  1. Hit “Create New Gesture…” to make a customized gesture for Snapchat.

  1. Press and hold your fingertip anywhere on the screen.

  1. Create a name for the gesture and tap “Save”.

  1. Go to “Customize Top Level Menu”.

  • You can add your new gesture to the menu or replace an existing icon.

  1. Select “Custom” and press “Done”.

  • You have added your customized gesture to the assistive touch menu.

Snap Hands-Free!

Well, you’re ready to try snapping hands-free. Your video will be done in just a snap!

  1. Tap  to open Snapchat.
  • You may use either the front or back camera.  

  • Find your favorite filter!

  1. Hit  to open your assistive touch menu.
  2. Press “Custom” and select the gesture you’ve created for Snapchat hands-free.  

  1. Drag the Snapchat Hands-free button to the capture button.

  • Snapchat will immediately start recording.  


  • It’s a snap!

The handy hack!

Who says you can’t snap without touching your phone? No sweat! Just create a gesture, drag, and then shoot. You know pretty well that this trick is not an exclusive secret. So if your friends wonder how you do it, share the handy hack!