You can’t be with your friends all the time, but you can reserve a particular time of the day to catch up with them over the phone! Well, nothing beats calling and chatting with your friends for free. You’ve surely heard of Viber before. It goes on top of list among free messaging apps on app store. Install the app, reconnect with your friends, and enjoy catch-up moments without paying for anything!

Install Viber: Secure Chats & Calls

Send messages for free and call with high audio quality through Viber. Enjoy all these features! All you need is a stable Internet connection or data network!


Viber: Secure Chats and Calls

Viber: Secure Chats and Calls
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Create your Viber Account

It’s always better to create an account so you get to enjoy all of Viber’s fun features. And don’t forget to allow Viber to send you notifications!

  1. Tap  to open Viber.
  2. Press “Continue”.

  1. Enter your phone number and hit “Continue”.

  1. Tap “Yes” to confirm.

  • Viber will send you a code via text message.
  1. Enter your 6-digit code.

  • Viber will automatically set up your profile.
  1. Add your profile picture.


  • You may take a new photo or select one from your gallery.
  • Adjust the photo if necessary and then hit “Done”.

  1. Enter your name.

  • You may also use your Facebook details in setting up your Viber profile.

  1. Tap “Done”.

What’s up on Viber?

Explore Viber through its tabs and discover what it can do as your new messaging app!

Viber has five main tabs: Chats, Calls, Contacts, Public, and More.


Send a message to your friends through Viber Chat.

You may send direct messages and create chat groups.



Can’t wait to tell your friends the great news? Give them a call!

  • Always check your call logs!


Keep track of your friends’ phone numbers and easily reach them through the Contacts.

View who’s on Viber and who’s not!



Public is an exciting Viber tab that holds surprises for you! You can follow public chats and be a part of a group where you feel like you belong. Of course, allow Viber to access your location to adjust your selections!

Discover unique and dynamic groups! You can choose from This Week’s Pick, Bots, News, Brands, Entertainment, Travel, Communities, Services, Music, and Government Organizations.

Read on popular groups, news, and message store bots.


Check your profile and Viber updates on More. Also, discover free Viber treats from time to time.


Send a Message!

  1. Go to “Chats”.

  1. Press “Compose” or Create a New Message button.


  1. Select a recipient and press “Done”.


  1. Compose your message and tap the Send button.


  • You may also send stickers, photos, GIFs, videos, recordings, and more!

Make a Call!

  1. Go to “Calls”.

  1. Press “Open Keypad”.


  1. Dial a number and select “Free Call”.


  • Ringing…

  • You may tap “Video Call” to turn on your camera.

  • While waiting, you can minimize the call menu and do something else. Just tap “Return to call” to go back.


Join Public Chats

Be part of a public chat! Interact with other Viber users and gain instant friends with the same interests.

  1. Hit the “+” icon.

  1. Swipe left or right to decide on the groups you’ll join.

  • Swipe left if you’re not sure yet and swipe right to instantly follow.


  • Or you can just tap “Not now” or “Follow!”

  1. Confirm that you are over 13 years old by hitting “Accept & Follow”.

You’re now part of public chats. So, go visit a chat!


Read on and engage!

Does a message go straight to your heart? React love on the message!


Invite Friends

Of course, you would want to share your Viber experience, right? Let your friends see how exciting and fun keeping in touch on Viber is. The more the merrier!

  1. Open “More” to view settings.

  1. Press “Invite friends”.

  1. Select recipients of your invitation from your contacts.

  1. Tap “Invite to Viber”.

  • Viber will make a template message to send to your friends.
  1. Hit “Send”.

  • You have sent your invitations!

Get Free Stickers!

The fun just doesn’t end there! Viber gives you free stickers. Say goodbye to plain messages, and welcome more colorful and fun conversations. Download your free Viber stickers!

  1. Press “Get free stickers”.

  1. Enter your email address.

  1. Tap “Continue” and key in your password.


  1. Press “Connect”.

  • Your email has been connected to your Viber! Hit “Okay”.

  1. Press “Get it now”.

  1. Tap “Free Download”.

  • Your free stickers have been downloaded!

  • Add stickers to your conversations and enjoy chatting with your friends!


Keep conversations going!

Choosing the right messaging app really matters! When you’re trying to reconnect with friends or relatives, you need to have the best. Well, Viber can always be your go-to buddy. Free messages and calls? Public chat groups? Free stickers? That sums up a pretty good Viber experience. With Viber, conversations will always be on the go!