Are you single and ready to mingle? You’re probably thrilled to find the one! But with all the single men and women out there, it would probably take several dates just to get to know some of them. When you think of a right partner, there’s just too many things to consider. Does he like outdoor sports? Does she like action movies? With so many dating apps right now, you wouldn’t want to try everything out.

Skip the waiting game and check out the available single men and women who might just tick 9 out of your 10 preferences. Prepare your checklist! These five dating apps that might just help you find the right one.

Each app has its own special features that make them stand out. Check out their awesome functions to help ease your dating life. You can even suggest some of these apps to your friends!


You might have heard about Tinder everywhere but what makes this app so popular? The app has great features to help you boost your profile and hasten your search.

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Developed by : Tinder Inc.

Maximum Distance

Turn on your location and find the Tinder users. Who knows? The right one for you might be just around your neighborhood! If you want to meet someone near you, just adjust the distance from your area.

Top Picks

You don’t need to go premium to know the best single men and women near you. Top Picks shows the profiles of single men and women that the app has chosen.

Share with a Friend

Do you think you’ve found the right match for someone you know? Recommend the profile to them! Just tap the profile and pass the profile to your friend. This app cares about your friends, too!


Want to narrow down people according to your preferences? This app has got your back. OkCupid lets you be you! Share your thoughts about your favorite cuisines, your preferences for your soon-to-be partner and even dreams here. You might just find someone who matches your goals.

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OkCupid Dating

OkCupid Dating
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Do you have tons of hobbies? Any thoughts about politics? Share them all in your profile! OkCupid has a collection of typical first date questions for you to answer and display on your profile!


You can learn almost everything there is to know about all the single men and women. The best part… It shows how compatible you are with the person based the preferences you have set.


You might have already set all your preferences and filled out the questions asked by OkCupid. You can specify them even more with the “Filter” function under the Discovery tab.


Grindr is dubbed as a gay dating app. But the app can also be used by anyone looking for mn or women. It has a simple an easy and simple interface. The best thing about this app… Most users are active! So you’ll surely get notifications in a matter of minutes.

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Grindr - Gay chat

Grindr – Gay chat
Developed by : Grindr LLC


Grindr also has a great profile feature. You can personalize everything. Change your name and age, specify your body type, and more! The app allows you to update specific details in your personal information.

Assert your individuality! Grinder gives you the option to display your gender identity and preferred pronouns on your profile.

Another unique aspect of Grindr’s profile is its “Sexual Health” section. The app secures the safety of all users by giving the option to disclose their HIV status and the last time they got tested.

Home Page

On Grindr, it’s easy to find who’s online. No need to swipe left and right, just tap on a profile with a green dot and notify or send them a message. You might just get a reply within seconds!

Saved Profile

Find an interesting person? But you’re a bit busy right now and plan to message him later… Not to worry! Just tap the star on their profile and get back to them later. With saved profiles, you won’t need to go back to the home page to search for that perfect guy again.


Do you believe it fate? Soulmates and lifetime lovers? Perhaps, you have already met your forever partner by chance. This app will help make your paths cross again to make forever happen!

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happn — Dating app

happn — Dating app
Developed by : HAPPN SAS


This app shows you possible single men and women around your area through geolocation. Simply activate it and let the app do the searching for you. You might just see your crush again.


Other single users could find your profile! Tell them what you’re up to by tapping activity bubbles. You might just meet someone with the same movie preferences or score a dinner date.


Maybe you’re busy right now, or have an important scheduled meeting. you wouldn’t have time to entertain single men and women near you. With Happn, you can go incognito! Stay invisible and schedule when you will be active!


A single lady looking for a partner? This app lets women do the first move. All single men need to do is sit back and relax and wait for that notification!

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Bumble - Meet New People

Bumble – Meet New People
Developed by : Bumble Holding Limited

Account Verification

Confirm it’s really you! Get your camera ready to verify your Bumble account. The app will ask you to take a selfie imitating a gesture in a photo.

Connect to Instagram and Spotify

Both men and women can view each others’ profiles. Connect Bumble to your Instagram and Spotify to help others get to know you more through your beautiful photos and favorite artists! You might find someone with the same taste in music as you.


Dating apps help us meet new people near us or even those with the same hobbies as us. But it’s not always easy to find a good partner with all the single men and women in these apps.

If you want a wide user base of single men and women, Tinder is the best app! There is always a huge pool of men and women using Tinder wherever you go. Finding someone from a different culture is possible with this app. Also, you can become a matchmaker by recommending users to your friends.

You won’t have a hard time thinking about the good qualities you have, OkCupid will guide you. This app lets you be honest with all the interesting topics that will surely make all of your good qualities shine! The app will find your matches according to your interests.

Part of the LGBT community? Looking for active members in a dating app? Well, Grindr users are active! Yes!  It also has an easy interface so you wouldn’t spend too much time getting to know the app.

Happened to meet a cute guy who seems to be working around your area? Well, join Happn now to see if they’re available for dinner! Happn lets you meet and get to know the people around you. You could set a date and might even walk under the stars with someone cute!

If you’re a single woman looking for a partner, you can always turn to Bumble! In this app, only the bold women will succeed! And unlike other dating apps, Bumble values your safety to meeting new people with its Account Verification.

Have you found the dating app that fits your schedule, preferences, and expectations? Download it now and start creating a list of what your ideal partner should have: a great sense of humor? Smart? Name them all! Start the search, make the first chat, and meet for a date.