WhatsApp is known for being user-friendly. With its simple interface, users do not have a hard time navigating through the messaging app. And for sure, you like how the default wallpapers complement your conversations with your friends. But it would be great to use some other wallpapers that you like, right?

There are a lot of FREE WhatsApp wallpapers that you can certainly save and use. If you find one image that you think would make your chats look cuter, go ahead and set it as your wallpaper! Here are five websites that can make your WhatsApp messages look better:

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1. Dr. Fone


Dr. Fone has 20 of the most stylish WhatsApp wallpapers of 2017. The available wallpapers are all about nature, food, art, abstract, and other categories. The choices might be limited but all of them are surely eye-catching!



2. Cult of Digital


Are you up for all things stunning? How about anything related to your favorite shows and films? Yes, you can find both in this website! From the galaxy to Pikachu, there’s really a lot to choose from. Check the website out and maybe you can have your favorite character as your WhatsApp background!


3. Zedge


If you are the artsy type of person, Zedge may be the best place for you! This website has always been providing themes, wallpapers, and others for our mobile phones. And since WhatsApp is the best messaging app, it just deserves the best wallpapers.

Of course, you would want something artistic on your background. Whether it’s a doodle or something abstract, you will definitely find something that can make WhatsApp look cooler! Check some of the available wallpapers:


4. Themes Ltd.


Are you all about patterns and tiled images? The available WhatsApp wallpapers in this website just might overwhelm you! Here, you will find more of Pop art and everything that makes you look like a “cool kid”. Cute illustrations and texts? Graphics that teenagers would surely like? They’re all here! There are even different tags that will help you find what you want.


5. IStatusMessages


Nobody can resist beautiful photographs. Sure, doodles and patterns can be cute, but there’s really something different when it’s a real photo that you’re looking at. If you happen to be a fan of photography, the available images in this website are absolutely perfect. Also, you can use them as your phone wallpaper too!



Simplicity with a Twist!

WhatsApp was designed to be simple, and nobody said that you can’t play with its simplicity! Messaging your friends is more fun when you can see some of your interests in the background. It doesn’t matter if it’s your favorite movie character, favorite flower, or just a random design. What’s important is that you’re personalizing the app!

Design your own wallpaper, upload a personal image, or simply save and use free wallpapers online. Customize WhatsApp and go from simple to extra! Messaging has never been this stylish…