Of course, you would need playlists for different occasions. A playlist for your long road trips? A Sunday morning playlist? Another one for your workouts? Spotify has got your back! Other users can enjoy your playlists, too. But if you have a special one that you made just for yourself, set it to private!

Secret Spotify Playlist

There will always be songs that have a soft spot in your heart. Keep them in a playlist that only you can access! Set a Spotify playlist to private with these easy steps:

1. Go to “Your Library”.

2. Select “Playlists”.

3. Choose the playlist you want to make private.

4. Tap the Options button.

5. Select “Make secret”.

  • You have set your Spotify playlist to private!

Public Spotify Playlist

Ready to share your precious playlist to other users? Share your music by setting your playlist back to public!

1. Tap the Options button.

2. Select “Make public”.

  • You have made your Spotify playlist public!

Make It A Secret!

Your favorite songs are your treasures, so it’s okay to enjoy them on your own with your private Spotify playlists! Set your Spotify playlists to private by simply tapping that “Make secret” button. And when you’re ready to share your music to other users, set it back to public. Enjoy your music with Spotify! Maximize the app’s settings and have the most personal Spotify experience.